Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 4

Halotheraphy with Daryl Browne


After countless attempts to help their three-month old daughter, Soleil, through the challenges of eczema, Daryl Browne and his wife, Nastia set out to create a salt cave - a wellness modality Nastia had grown up with in Ukraine. That journey resulted in Soleil's Salt Cave and the most amazing community of people they could have imagined. Within two weeks, the worst of Soleil's eczema had cleared significantly, and that circle of friends, healers, and practitioners has only continued to grow. 

Features of Halotherapy

Description of Salt Inhalation Therapy

The unique features of salt caves

Family connection and salt therapy

The healing benefits of salt therapy sessions

The science behind Halotherapy

Presence and the collective consciousness

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 3

Animal Communication with Michele Lowry

michele lowry animal communication bpbp promo.png

Since 2003 Michele has been dedicated to understanding our animal companions, their needs and how they see life through their eyes.  In this quest she has studied Reiki to Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Communication, Shamanism and how to bring a more holistic lifestyle to our animals.  Her horse Echoe, her two dogs Nira and Kobo (both since passed on) guided her in this journey of discovery when conventional medicine did not work and she was left to seek alternative options.  She works closely with her animal clients to understand their physical, emotional and behavioral needs, resolution and a plan of action.


Features of Animal Communication:

What is animal communication

Facilitating healing for animals and their humans

The exchange between humans and animals

Cultivating relationships with animals in our lives

Connecting with our animal companions on a more spiritual level

What we can offer our animal companions in exchange

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 2

Sound Healing with Robin Corbin

Robin Corbin Sound Healing

Robin Corbin provides services that speak to body, mind and spirit and have been a major part of her own personal healing and development process for the past 13 years. She is an experienced and certified sound/frequency practitioner, massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, skincare specialist, Reiki master, akashic record practitioner, spiritual teacher and master certified health coach. She guides you in discovering the healing energy that already exists within you, that which serves the highest and best expression of YOU. Through the power of presence, she holds space for you through your process of healing, self-discovery, and pursuing your dreams. Intuitively working with angelic and elemental energies to shift your frequency to the next level and discover the possibilities available, she’d be honored to be part of your journey.


Features of Sound Healing:

Sound healing modalities
The science behind vibrational healing
Frequency and harmony in sound and life
What to expect in a sound healing session
Enrich your journey with sound
Energy upgrades with sound healing

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 1

Herbal Medicine with Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart Herbal Medicine

Sarah is a Clinical Herbalist and Shamanic Practitioner.  She has taken her beginner/advanced and clinical apprenticeships with Deb Mercier of Greenwood Herbals and is a member of the American Herbalist's Guild (White Pine Chapter) and Herbalists Without Borders.  Sarah has special interest in the areas of anxiety, asthma, muskeloskeletal issues, and Lyme Disease.  Sarah is passionate about providing information about the historical and traditional use of herbs in a way that empowers the individual and community to effectively and powerfully navigate their wellness journey.  Often remedies can be made easily from materials bought at the grocery store and available in our yards and commuities.  Sarah is currently taking clinical clients and stocks an apothecary in the Seacoast of New Hampshire.


Features of Herbal Medicine:

What is herbal medicine?
Herbs as medicine
Herbs to support conventional medicine
Meeting the client's individual needs
Herbs in wellness and prevention
Energy of herbs and plants

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