Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 29

Energy Healing and Hypnosis with Kellie Surdis

Kellie is a Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and a Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher, teaching Reiki Classes regularly, she is  also a Certified Hypnotherapist, and an Advanced Integrative Energy Therapist.  As Reiki Master Teacher, Kellie has trained in the direct lineage of Mrs. Takata,  for her Reiki certifications. (Mrs. Takata brought Reiki to the United States from Japan back in the 1940's ) Kelliereceived her hypnotherapy training through The Cape Cod Center for Whole Health.  The comprehensive training included all aspects of hypnotherapy including medical hypnosis, and hypnosis for regression, emotional and physical healing, as well as for weight loss, addiction, anxiety, depression, finding your soul's purpose and more. Integrative Energy Therapy is a hands on healing modality that works similar to Reiki, but also has a more spiritual level to the healing sessions.  Kellie has taken numerous classes and is constantly expanding her skill set, to make her a more comprehensive teacher and healer. .  Kellie is a member of the International Center for Reiki Training, and a member of The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, and recently earned a certification in essential oils through the Centre for Excellence.



Kellie’s journey into healing after her brother’s death

Energetic Seperation

Hypnosis as a tool to help us access Alpha

Tear jerking Alzheimers story

“Find the truth that resonates within ourself, share that truth, accept the truth within others."

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 28

EFT with Karen Berzanski


“Karen Berzanski is a Certified Life Coach and Pro EFT™ Tapping Coach who works with creative and spiritual entrepreneurs to build their confidence and their mindset as they grow their online businesses. Karen found tapping after being hit and run over by a car in 2008. It helped her heal from PTSD and chronic pain, move across the country from New York to LA and start her own business. She now teaches other women how to use their past to propel them into the future and the businesses of their dreams. You can find out more about Karen at



Issues with your tissues

Shining the Flashlight on the Swampy parts

Peace Brain

"When we speak it, it frees it up to release it.”

It’ really simple, It’s really easy

Befriending the Darkside

Pro EFT session for Overwhelm

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 27

Cancer with Krissy Mays

“I discovered the healing arts in my early twenties and enthusiastically embarked on educational and educational growth and related pursuits in the field. Nearly twenty years ago my first experiences with subtle bodywork approaches, including energy healing and craniosacral therapy, shifted how I related myself to the world dramatically and profoundly as a struggling young adult.

My inner and outer life changed as I learned to deeply listen to my body and heart's inner wisdom through the avenues of breath, meditation, movement and embodied writing and art practices.”



Internal Compass

Stand in One’s Own Power

Repairing the Body on a Cellular Level

Container for Healing

“Our thoughts create our internal and external environment."

The Unseen is Available

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 26

Dolphin Energy with Dr. Krystal


Dr. Krystal is a gifted healer and spiritual teacher dedicated to the conscious expansion and healing from within. Her work is her passion and her offerings are the manifestation of her soul purpose. She believes deeply in the uniqueness of you and your powerful ability to heal your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Dr. Krystal's desire is to share healing, wellbeing and consciousness with the world, by embracing our authenticity, vulnerability and soul alignment.


Transmissions of Energy


Wisdom of Dolphins

Monogamous Relationships

Specific Frequencies We Need Awaken Within

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 25

Ayurveda with Kate O’Donnell


Kate O’Donnell is an author, lecturer, and senior yoga teacher. She is the author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook, and Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind: 100 Sattvic Recipes. An Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ashtanga yoga teacher, Kate is on faculty for Kripalu School of Ayurveda and Boston Ayurveda School. She travels to India annually for study and teaches internationally.

An avid interest in the healing powers of food have inspired her study and practice of the ancient arts of Ayurveda and yoga for more than twenty years. She teaches trainings, cooking classes, seasonal cleanses, and retreats when she isn’t practicing yoga, writing, or having a chai.


Unison with God-like Principle

Cellular Transmission

Ayurveda - The Spirit of Ayurveda

The body as a vehicle for the 5 Elements

Connection to the Universe depends upon digesting and assimilating harmoniously

Medicinal Potency in Food

Cravings Perpetuate Balance!

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 24

Reflexology with Helen Chin Lui

reflexology helen chin lui bpbp.png

Helen Chin Lui is a Certified Reflexologist, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Practitioner and teacher in the USA. She is the owner of the Healing Place LLC and the Healing Place Energy School LLC in Medfield, MA.

Helen has been practicing professional energy healing services since 2006. Helen has more than 1,000 specialized hours in Reflexology, Energy Medicine, and Reiki. She is a highly skilled reflexologist with certifications in the foot, hand, ear, advance digestive health, pediatrics, acupoint, musculoskeletal, pain management, hormonal balance, and fertility.

Before becoming a holistic practitioner, Helen worked as a professional radio producer for WBZ in Boston. She also has more than 25 years of office management experience. When Helen isn’t doing hands-on healing, she is researching and writing to expand her knowledge. She has just authored a book “Know Your Chakras –Introduction to Energy Medicine.” 

Features of Reflexology:

Nobody is exempt from being able to heal themselves

Toning your spirit & your energy

Validation is already inside

Personal GPS - Are you willing to TRUST?

We are building LIGHThouses!

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 23

Mindfulness with Gi Indoccio


Founder of Be Mindful with Gi and Graceful Awakenings, Gi is passionate about her work as a Licensed Clinial Mental Health Counselor, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Board Certified Life Coach, and Reiki Master Teacher.  Gi's currently in-training to be a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  Giholds a Masters in Applied Psychology and Counseling from Antioch University where she began her work in 1995, as an integrative holistic counselor and at Dover Star Institute in Hooksett, NH.

Features of Mindfulness:

“The moment you realize you are no longer mindful, you are.”

Mindfulness through Presence

Work, Time, Patience

7 Attitudinal Factors

Have a cup of tea with the emotions

Student becomes teacher, teacher becomes student

"Go to my website and view my live and online courses and take one!  My juicy new class is Three Ways to Get Mindfully Unstuck – such an amazing course!"

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The be purely balanced podcast episode 22

Sound Mind with Igor Iwanek

Dr. Igor Iwanek is a Doctor of Musical Arts and Composer.  A Social Innovator, he is the Founder of SoundMind & ThinkArtMusic L.L.C. Igor is also an internationally certified Yoga of Sound Instructor and holds an MS in Arts.  Igor is a Commission Artist and an Affiliated Artist at M.I.T. Quondam


Emotions controlled by mind, mind by breath, breath by focus, focus by sound

Experience of the Divine is for this lifetime, the here and now

Seek music to digest life

Science of vibration: Vagus Nerve

3 Questions to ask yourself

By extending our breaths, we live long and healthfully

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 21

Celestial Energy with Desiree Kim


Welcoming, kind and caring is the energy Desiree carries to facilitate your journey of unveiling the whole, perfect and complete being you already are.  Clients share their session experience as "magical, miraculous and mysterious", profoundly creating authentic expression of the self.   

As a Celestial Energy Worker, Desiree facilitates connecting you to the infinite well of your inner wisdom.  Peaceful inner work is conducted in a sacred space where aligning with body, mind and spirit creates rejuvenation and transformation.

Deep healing with Celestial Energy, is a metamorphic experience, where you are connected to Etheric and Earth energies enabling  wisdom (heart center) to become a conduit for accessing a life of "truly living".

Ultimately and powerfully,  the undercurrent creating a barrier to your happiness for as long as you can remember is illuminated and readied for transformation.   By accessing both your conscious and subconscious being she creates clarity around forgotten life experiences, remembering soul alignment with purpose and receiving what your body needs to heal.    

Whether it's relaxation with Mind Body Sessions, clarity Rooting Sessions or transformation through Integration Sessions each  compilate as Journeys based upon your desire to transform and manifest a life of freedom.  Knowing where to begin is made easy with a free online consultation, followed by a review of your answers and connecting to your desire for truly living.


The Celestial Realm

Residing as a star, one’s essence

Support in the vulnerability

Strong feeling of truth

The energy of lines

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 20

Nutrition and Spiritual Eating with Carla Zaplana


Carla Zaplana is a Plant-based Nutritionist and Health Coach, from Barcelona, Spain. She is the author of 3 best-selling books, and an international speaker and retreat host. She has created her own philosophy about nutrition COME LIMPIO that she teaches and shares through on-line trainings and social media. She's a weekly collaborator in Telemundo and Univision. 

Her base, today, is Miami although she considers herself being a nomad as she constantly travels around the world for trainings, work and pleasure.



Subconscious Blooming


Nutrition is the most materialistic part of spirituality

You absorb the energy of the food you eat

Where you put your money is where you put your vote

Vitamin Love

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 19

Reiki with Caitlin Marino


Caitlin Marino is a light worker and herbalist. She was born with the gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship, which she combines with her many years of training in the healing arts to craft individualized sessions for each of her clients. Caitlin was first introduced to energy healing in 2006 when it saved her life. She has dedicated the past 12+ years to studying, teaching and practicing the methods that healed her, as she knows they have the power to help others. She is passionate about helping others integrate energy work and herbalism into their everyday lives in practical ways. She owns a home in Newburyport, MA, but currently lives a nomadic lifestyle and frequently travels between Los Angeles, Naples Florida and Newburyport, MA. Her sessions are conducted over the phone. Private in-person sessions may be arranged upon request. Her work is dedicated to the benefit of all with pure intention.


Universal Life Force Energy

Complex Energetic Anatomy

Bringing Light In

Weaving Reiki Practically into Life

Empowering Goals with Reiki

Infinite Accès to Qi


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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 18

Alchemical Astrology with Ashley Matthews


Inspired by the Buddhist idea that our suffering stems from attaching to things that change, Ashley became a certified yoga teacher while pursuing her undergraduate degree.  She is grateful for learning early on that yoga is a state of being rather than something to be obtained.  Ashley's purpose, or dharma, as a yoga teacher crystalized when one of her regular students confided that attending her classes helped in her battle with depression.

Comforted by the moon's unchanging presence in the sky no matter where her journeys took her, she became a Certified Alchemical Astrologer in 2017 as a way to learn more deeply about herself and her soul's path.  Ashley weaves the wisdom of yoga with the knowledge of the stars into her yoga classes, retreats, and one-on-one natal and predictive chart readings in the Newburyport area.

Growing up on Plum Island gave Ashley a lifelong connection to the ocean and its teaching that, like the waves, life is impermanent, which ultimately became the motivation behind naming her practice Ride the Wave Yoga, Meditation and Astrology.  "Riding the Wave" is the practice of allowing things to be just as they are without resisting or grasping - the key to experiencing radical joy in this moment.


The planets, the zodiac & the houses

2 Theories of why astrology works on a vibrational level

The Natal Chart

Archetypes within us

As above, so below.

Clearing the subconscious of all learned behavior


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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 17

Feng Shui with Jen Heilman


Jen Heilman teaches women how to move beyond their self-doubt and into an empowered state of being.

Clarity becomes clear and constant. Energy levels are rich and always on high. Inspired action is leading the way...and personal growth and results are just simply expected. 

That's what living empowered and in the flow creates...Pure Magic...Pure Happiness.


Enhancing Space to Create Flow

Your Life in Holographic Form

Visual Map of Your Restrictions

Color as a Vibration

5 Feng Shui Tips for Everyone


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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 16

Crystal Healing with Emily Willmer


"Crystals have been in my life as far as I can remember. I have memories from when I was very young of going into stone shops and picking out stones. I also spent a lot of time outside collecting buckets full of rocks, some of which are still laying around the house today! I started exploring the metaphysical properties of crystals in high school after being introduced to meditation and “new age” practices by Michele Lowry. After graduating college, the universe let me know that the plan that I had created for the rest of my life was not my true purpose. I entered into a period of self-discovery where it finally occurred to me that my calling was crystals.  I signed up for the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer course and graduated in August of 2016. I created Earth Speaks Crystal Healing with the intention of bringing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing of crystals to anyone who needs or wants it."


Science behind Crystals

Emily’s Personal Transformation

Energy Evolution

Unique Crystals: Bumble Bee Jasper, Larimar, Sedonalite, Ajoite, Enhydro Amethyst

Crystals are Always Doing their Work


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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 15

Yoga with Manny Muros


Manny, Owner and Spiritual Director of the Yoga Center of Newburyport, is a certified practitioner of Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki I and II and is an Anusara-Inspired™ Yoga teacher. He teaches Asana, Meditation and Yogic philosophy.

Author of "The Other Side of Me: A Journey into the Mystical & The Gems Revealed" 

An entrepreneur his entire professional life, Manny founded and served as president of three corporations. He was also the founder and vice chairman of the board of the first public Montessori Charter School in Massachusetts. He holds a BS in Pharmacology and an MBA.

Manny began his devotional meditation practice in 1995 as a way to balance his life, as a husband, father, & entrepreneur.  He began his study of yoga in 1998. His teaching style blends his study and practice of many spiritual pursuits - including contact and partner yoga, transformational breath-work, A Course in Miracles, and micro-chakra psychology, among many others. This diverse background gives him a keen awareness of the many available paths which lead to self-realization. &


Ultimate Goal: Access Consciousness

Yoga as a System

The Optimal Blueprint of the Body

The reality of ego: something we have, not something we are

Mastery of your Own Life

"When you take the worry away, what’s left? Pure Love"

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 14

Healing with Expressive Arts with Suzie Cheel

suzie cheel expressive arts bpbp copy.png

Suzie Cheel is a freedompreneur, intuitive artist, inspirational writer, healer and speaker, and creator of the Heart Whisper Oracle Cards.

Her mission is to inspire thousands to be empowered, create their abundant lives through being powered by love and living their passion.

Suzie’s colorful, positive personality, her honesty, openness, and energetic attunement inspire others to embrace change courageously.  

Suzie believes we all have the ability to create the life we desire, if we learn to listen to the whispers of our heart, where true wisdom is found.

Suzie the artist is passionate about colouring the world, visually and emotionally.  

Her Heart Whisper Oracle Cards help many learn each day to truly love themselves.

“Suzie is the woman focused wholly on inspiring us all to create abundance in health and life from deep within her heart”~ Harmoni Raie

Suzie Cheel:




A special gift from Suzie just for our listeners: Heart Whisper Reading $97 USD ($147 value)  

Read more about the reading here:

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 13

The Alexander Technique with Jamee Culbertson

jamee culbertson alexander technique bpbp_edited-1.png

Jamee is an Internationally Certified Alexander Technique Instructor and teacher trainer currently at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Alexander Technique teacher training course. She is faculty member at the ‘Alexander Technique Center at Cambridge’.
Jamee served as Chair on the Board of Alexander Technique International, (ATI), and
various committees for twelve years.
Jamee is a Senior Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao System founded by Master
Mantak Chia. She is also a teacher trainer certifying new instructors.

She is a Senior Instructor and Media Producer for the Boston Healing Tao School of Taoist Practices in Somerville, MA. USA. Her studies and classes include Tai Chi, qigong and meditation techniques. Jamee is also a Video Artist and Award winning Documentary Filmmaker. She produced the film “How it All Began, Origins of the Universal Tao System” and is enjoying the distribution release into the marketplace as of June 2014.

Jamee is First Aid CPR AED Certified with the American Heart Association. She is part of a team of the Boston Healing Tao Instructors involved with the Harvard University Tai Chi Study for Cardiac Rehab 2015-16 and on-going studies. She’s taught Tai Chi classes in partnership with the Boston Red Sox and Mass General Hospital to help post-9/11 service members and she’s brought the Alexander Technique to help women at Rosie’s Place Women’s Shelter in Boston. Jamee teaches classes and workshops worldwide and has a private practice near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


"What made it possible was love"

Our Holistic Body

The spirit animating the body

The oneness that embodies our oppositions

Alexander Technique Participation Activity

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 12

Hoshindo Therapy with Lauren Kendall Shane


Lauren Kendall Shane, practitioner and owner of The Celestial Bee, offers a unique method of therapeutic healing with the medicines and foods of the tiny honeybee; she also extends her bee-centric “energetic system work” with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This personalized body work, focused on biodynamic massage and Hoshindo acupuncture with bee venom, can be a potent anti-inflammatory treatment without pharmaceutical medication.

Lauren’s role in dynamic wellness and wholeness extends beyond the therapy room: she is also an experienced gardener who is dedicated to tending to the earth (and bees) as an essential aspect of whole health and personal transformation for all humans.

To her honeybees are at the heart of an elaborate and delicate energetic dance that is an essential part of a much larger cycle of human balance and wholeness and must be attended to on all levels to ensure a healthy planet, healthy body, and healthy self.


Initiation to bees: Kissed with Medicine

Transmutation of one thing becoming something else

Being okay with being in the mystery

Energy creates form, function and movement

Ecstacy Shock: “This is my life!”

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 11

Angels with Karen Roberts

bpbp angels karen roberts.jpg

Karen is a spirtual healer and teacher.  

She has received certifications in many metaphysical programs such as Peruvian Shamanism, Reiki, Melchizedek Method, The Diana Cooper School-Foundation, and Advanced Angel Therapy with Dr. Doreen Virtue. Her healing skills have developed to an original combination of what she has learned and her own inner talents. 

Her gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship began as a little girl being able to feel energy.  Although she did not understand it then, and often felt very different than others for a very long time, it has brought her such blessings!  Many years later her intuitive and mediumship skills fully manifested through life changing circumstances. 

Having taught public middle school English for almost 20 years, and gaining a M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Children’s Literature, she feels blessed to be able to work with any age group.

She is most honored to be a light worker helping to bring healing miracles to others and the Earth through love and light.  


Access to Awakening

Your Divine Team

The Unseen World

Ascension Energy: Truth Serum


Nuggets of Healing

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Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 10

Nature Communication and Land Healing with Kara Breese


In 2007 Kara felt as if she was living on “auto-pilot” and desired a deeper connection with herself, the people around her and to life in general. At the time, she didn’t realize it but receiving her first energy healing would bring a 20+ year career in Psychology and Research to a close.

As a Doctor of Metaphysics and Healing Mh.D, she has trained extensively in various forms of energy healing and clearing for people, animals and land. Her passion is to inspire people to connect to their true essence and to understand their power, complexity and sacred nature. If something deep inside of you has been telling you there is more to life – trust it. There is more to you and to life than you can possibly imagine.



You are Nature

A conduit for nature’s intelligence

Nature is Spirit in Form

Shared Distortion

Quantum Energy

Divine Blueprint

Relationship between Humans and Nature


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