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Are you ready to transform your life?

Everything you desire exists within you.
You have the magnificent ability to heal from the inside out.
You have the power to be authentically you and live a life filled with health, consciousness and vitality.

You have a vision! You know how you want to feel!

The possibilities, perspectives and choices are limitless.
The journey is yours to experience and enjoy.

We're here for you!

This physical life is an opportunity for your spirit to experience MAGIC.
We want to witness the expansion and offer our unconditional support.

We invite you to 

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Healing Sessions

Healing sessions with Dr. Krystal are all about cultivating the natural healing capabilities within you.

Dolphin Retreats

Join us on a life changing, consciousness expanding, transformational healing retreat with wild dolphins in Bimini Bahamas.

Distance Healing

Energy knows no distance. Distance healing sessions are a powerful way to work with healing the physical, emotiona,l intellectual and spiritual realms.


Dr. Krystal interviews healers of various modalities from around the globe to share in conscious conversations and energy.

About Dr. Krystal

Learn about Dr. Krystal. She shares her training, philosophy, approach, spirit, and energy.

Free Offerings

Dr. Krystal has created courses, a Facebook community and daily inspiration as a gift to you. Please enjoy these resources.

We are pleased to announce:

Elemental Balance is a section of our website dedicated to assist you in creating harmony in your life. We feature the 5 Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Elemental Balance is packed with daily practices, crystals, acupressure points and tips to balance each element. We also share our consciously blended and created essential oil blends that can help you to find balance you are seeking. (click the graphic to learn more)

Gratitude is Reciprocal

Schedule A healing Session

60 and 90 minute sessions in Portsmouth NH, Newburyport MA and Distance Healing may be booked online! Clients with complex conditions, multiple pathologies or a desire for deeper awakening of the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms should schedule a 90 minute session.

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