Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 39

Born into a lineage of wilderness thrivers and business builders, at the juxtaposition of the Great Lakes of North America, Gma Kaariina Saarinen has SISU running through her veins. A sense of courage at the threshold leading to the Unknown. A sense of truly listening to the hearts teachings. A reindeer knowing Thirteen Moons and solar seasons. 40 years of educational experiences, multiple trainings, certifications primarily in vocational counseling, advanced learning styles, leadership skills and energy medicines, Kaariina is an adept and scholarly in her wild-hearted nature.

With partnerships that are functional, Gma has cofounded The Healing House with REIKI and circle work, offering sweatlodges, and council ways for all relations. Committed to community and village blueprints, she has travelled internationally to gather her medicines and to sit with many Elders, Lamas, spiritual teachers, now to sit within her own Medicine and Teachings.

Gma has dedicated her life to nonviolence, to breaking the silence, to ending lies of separation, to living fiercely in faith that LOVE is unconditional! Kaariina's focus has been on empowering youth to leadership, and women to truth and empowering ecological restoration! She holds the Obsidiana Pipa from four years of Danza de Luna, serving as one of 7 abuellas, GMA is also an Author, podcaster, youtube creator, with one of her currencies : to cocreate a documentary: Healing generations; youth and elders in dialogue.

You can find more of these precious Teachings at Grandmother Kaariina (youtubes), or at Dream Freedom Beauty podcasts.

Full circle woman, she was diagnosed with lymphoma 9 years ago and has reclaimed her blueprint with assistance from natural medicines, spirit plants, ceremonies, and consistent sitting in the seat of her own sovereignty!

"I have chosen to live simply so that others may simply live with health, wellness, worth, wisdom at the core of my personal Medicine Wheel."

CoCreactivitas ; 3 and 6 month Bundles of soulfull journeys, highlights the best of travellers as each reaches through ancestral lineages to clear decisions as well as to reclaim treasures. AND thus, make real contributions to this world of change!

From one of her retreatants: "Thank you for coming into my life Dec 2014 in Sayulitta, Mexico. I love you. The tears that fell on your chest as you held me in your arms help to make me a stronger and more honest woman. Today I fear very little: my steps are filled with presence and with open heart." Leela, Selenite Caverns explorer, author, energy medicine woman.

Facebook: Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M EdCoun

Facebook: CoCreavatars

Skype kaariina.saarinen1



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