Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 28

EFT with Karen Berzanski


“Karen Berzanski is a Certified Life Coach and Pro EFT™ Tapping Coach who works with creative and spiritual entrepreneurs to build their confidence and their mindset as they grow their online businesses. Karen found tapping after being hit and run over by a car in 2008. It helped her heal from PTSD and chronic pain, move across the country from New York to LA and start her own business. She now teaches other women how to use their past to propel them into the future and the businesses of their dreams. You can find out more about Karen at



Issues with your tissues

Shining the Flashlight on the Swampy parts

Peace Brain

"When we speak it, it frees it up to release it.”

It’ really simple, It’s really easy

Befriending the Darkside

Pro EFT session for Overwhelm

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