Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 32

Zero Balancing with Ty Romijn

Ty Romijn took his first Zero Balancing class in 1999 while studying acupuncture at the Taoist Institute of Education and Acupuncture. Prior to studying Zero Balancing, he studied at the Heartwood Institute. Through studying Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, Polarity Therapy and Jin Shin Do, Ty found a passion for energy work. Zero Balancing has provided a simple system in which he is able to integrate the skills developed in the different modalities he has explored. As a college wrestler,  high school wrestling coach and later as a T'ai Chi Ch'uan practitioner and teacher, Ty has also found a sense of home in Zero Balancing in how structure and energy are worked with simultaneously.

Ty Certified in 1999 and has been teaching since 2012. Teaching ZB I, ZB II, Freely Moveable Joints, Alchemy of Touch, in training to teach ZBx adressing the skulls and viscera and is also on the Faculty at the Institute of Taoist education and Acupuncture and also practices Worsley Five Element Acupuncture.



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