Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 43

Alex Bynum is the founder of Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women in Brookline, MA where she has led hundreds of people to healing through ancient mystery school techniques. She is also recognized locally as a master networker and leader in the Boston community. Whether it's on her podcast, via social media, or engaging with clients-Alex brings a unique mix of charm, awareness, and heart to traditional business. As a highly demanded expert in the field of healing, she has worked with major companies such as State Street and Whole Foods.

You can find more information about Alex's work through Empowher You: A Healing Center for Women at or through Facebook. You can also follow Alex on Instagram: @empowheryou



Former skeptic of spiritual healing

Knowing oneself is the beginning and end of healing

Stripping away what’s not really you

The point of choosing to surrender or stay comfortable

Love taps from the universe

“You can be done with something!"