Awaken Your Inner Wild Child

There's a part of us that will always be the child within. The spirit of us that is doing exactly what we want, exactly when we want to. This part of us knows no rules, stays in the present and truly has fun living this life.

Somehow, as we develop responsibilities and face the "rules" that society puts upon us and we adopt as our own, we stop listening to this childish innocence that really just wants to play. When it comes down to it, 

What's wrong with playing as adults?

I used this term "wild" on purpose. Wild refers to something not domesticated, not subject to restraint and indicative of strong nature, passion and emotion. After chatting with several amazing friends about this topic, I am realizing more and more the healing benefits of activating our inner wild child. I'm not saying go do something illegal, but I am saying do something that makes you feel FREE! Something that is inline with your nature, passion and emotion. 

Let your inner child speak to you.

Simply quiet your mind and talk with the spirit of that child. What is he/she craving right now? What would he/she be doing? 

Make the time to embrace the requests of the wild child within.

Maybe after work, on your lunch break or after dinner, you choose to let the child in you OUT and exposed to the world. 

Go do it!

Seriously follow through with the impulse. It doesn't have to be anything grand, most things children enjoy most are not. Don't you remember being just as fascinated by playing with pots and pans as toys?

Here are my favorite ways to AWAKEN MY INNER CHILD:

  • blow bubbles during lunch
  • light sparklers at dark
  • pick flowers and gift them to someone
  • make castles in the sand
  • doodle anytime, anywhere
  • play games - board games, card games, outdoor tag games
  • chase your partner (seriously, P and I do this all the time, it usually ends in major hugs and laughter)
  • color, paint, create art - the end product doesn't matter, but the fun of creation sure does
  • dance, anywhere, anytime
  • play, really play with your pets, be fascinated
  • look for fireflies 
  • play your favorite song and sing it at the top of your lungs
  • stomp in puddles when the rain falls
  • make shadow puppets
  • play in the snow

I'd love to hear the ways you awaken your inner wild child! 

Stomping in the snow with a heart shaped balloon is exactly what my inner wild child was begging me for on this cold winter day, so I embraced it! 

Stomping in the snow with a heart shaped balloon is exactly what my inner wild child was begging me for on this cold winter day, so I embraced it! 

My 2017 Biz Resolution

Written on 1-11-17:

I'd love to start this year's updates expressing my gratitude for an immense 2016. So many changes to the business have allowed me and the amazing work I share with clients to expand in a healthy, beautiful way. So much that was unnecessary has faced and the core of healing is really prominent. I am tremendously grateful for my own inner knowing, support of so many loving people, and the honor of facilitating healing. Its seriously awesome!

As a bit of a perfectionist, I've created a list of things I'd like to bring more of to the practice energetically in 2017. Here's what we all have to look forward to!

  • fascination with clients journeys
  • joy of treatment
  • magic with every touch, needle, crystal, oil, herb
  • healing love
  • abundant gratitude
  • blessings
  • non-attachment
  • experience pleasure of the client's successes
  • the energy of the universe and dolphins
  • the feeling of feeling great
  • confidence
  • advanced energetic diagnostics and treatments
  • spiritual peace
  • profound allowing and receiving of abundance

Since writing this, I have found a renewed and heightened life force energy within myself coming to sessions that is simply divine! Looking forward to our work together in 2017!

xo Krystal

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