Online Courses

Dr. Krystal is honored to share these special courses with you. Online courses are combined with supportive and transformational healing calls with Dr. Krystal, as well as live group calls. This model will provide comprehensive support to you as you work through the modules and experience breakthroughs in your complete health and life. 

holistic transitions for entrepreneurs course healing

Holistic Transitions for Entrepreneurs

This program is designed for those in the alternative healing fields who are seeking expansion of their business, and are looking for support in allowing their authentic self to shine through, making healing offerings to others, and enhancing their own energy in the process. 

As you enter this phase in your life, your optimal health is key. As the owner of a business, and provider of care, it is vital for your own energy to be your primary focus. As you expand, this program will promote your health; physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

In this course, you will receive ten video teaching modules with workbooks, three individual sessions, and weekly live group calls. 

Click the link to learn more, and to register for this great opportunity. 

healing holistic health physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional

Health Consciousness

Health Defined: Harmony of the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Intellectual Beings Promoting Optimal Vitality.

Our health is the foundation of our creation. It is the vantage point from which we experience the world. It is expansive beyond our beliefs. Focusing on our overall health provides us with vast opportunities to embrace who we are, achieve all we seek, connect profoundly to ourselves others, and consciously choose our life's path. 

As you expand, this program will promote your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. 

This four-module healing course is packed with: 

  • Meditations
  • Healings
  • Activities to open you up to your vulnerabilities
  • Stretches to nourish and heal your body
  • Mini-courses
  • Added bonus material

If you want to heal your being from the inside, out, this is the course for you. 

For information, and to register for Health Consciousness, click the link below. 

Space Clearing & Revitalization

Space clearing is useful whenever we feel scattered, confused, constricted, limited, unproductive, or unable to connect to the higher energies, as it requires us to actively participate in the transformation of energies. 

This mini workshop is designed to assist you in physically and energetically clearing your body and your space, in order to restore and revitalize the energy to the highest possible vibration. This course offers you a step-by-step protocol to cleanse yourself, and your home or workspace, which creates the space needed for you to welcome in the energy you are deeply seeking to connect with. 

Get this course today for just $11, and experience what Space Clearing & Revitalization will do for your health and well being.