Holistic Transitions for Entrepreneurs


For HEALERS of All Kinds

You are a healer if the target of your soul work is to positively impact the life experience of others, and intend for the highest and best.
We’ve worked with physical and occupational therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, yoga and dance instructors, reiki masters, light workers, teachers, artists and musicians, stylists and salon owners, coaches, and more. 

Whether you're thinking about entrepreneurship, have just made the transition, are evolving or shifting your practice, or are a seasoned healing entrepreneur, this course has something magnificent to offer you!

Why Dr. Krystal?

"I wrote this class because I did entrepreneurship the hard way. I identified my sole purpose at age 26, and I had no clue how to share my work, my gifts, or my heart. It took me ten years of making the wrong choices, ten years of trying to please, and ten years of hiding before I decided to stop doing all the external things that didn't work, and started to look inside of myself. I realized everything I was feeling, experiencing, and offering, we limited by me.

I came to know I had to hit the reset button in a big way! I needed to heal me and figure out who I was authentically before I could fully offer my work, my gifts, and my heart to others through healing. As soon as I looked inward and got honest and vulnerable with myself, the struggle ended and I was visible. I had a voice and I could share openly with those who really needed the healing I was sharing."

-Dr. Krystal

Why You?

This program won't give you a step-by-step on how to grow your Instagram or Facebook fan page. This isn't a detailed business plan of success, outlining the steps you need to complete and achieve what you hope. This isn't even a business-coaching program.

Holistic Transitions is a program for those willing to look inside themselves and expand from the belief that "everything you seek is already within." This is about YOU. This is about your desires. This is about breaking down your walls and making shifts within you, which will change your life and your business. 

Program Modules

Module 1: Set Your Intention

You'll get started with resolving to leave the past as the past, whether it be good, bad, or anything between. It was what it was, and that's okay. The past is not our here and now. Therefore it cannot define the now.

You will experience and learn about the "power of now" by identifying what you are seek and desire. You will focus upon the creation of forward momentum, and most importantly, you will outline your intentions for this program, for yourself, for the way you feel as a health entrepreneur, and for your business.

Module 2: Bottom Line

Making a declaration of your bottom line is key. This includes tuning into your ideal work situation. As life changes, this may change, but your goal is to really look at the energy of the business you want to create, and detail the vibe, essence, and type of practice you want to share with others. It also means looking at how you put your energy first. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can offer to others in a healthful way.

Module 3: Letting Go of All that Doesn't Serve

A business is an evolutionary tool, an extension of us, and is meant to grow and expand as we do. So often we find ourselves doing what we think we should, or staying within constraints of what society tells us or projects upon us that is right based upon our career path.

This module provides exercises designed to encourage you to identify what it is that limits forward progress and evokes a negative response within us. The key here is to realize that even though you may have always done something; it may no longer be what you, or your clients, need.

Module 4: Releasing Patterns & Emotions

Just as you let go of aspects of your business that don't serve, you have to let go of aspects of yourself no longer resonating with the direction you are choosing for this life.

You will practice neutralizing attachment and expectation, and will begin a journey of release with ease, grace, and gratitude. You will also look at the relationships in your life and how to access those relationships in a way to positively serve your self-development and, in turn, your business.

Module 5: Defining Your Gifts

Dr. Krystal's favorite module, this is about identifying the special and unique gifts of you. The special, quirky, lovely, beautifully perfect parts of you, in this physical being, are your greatest asset. Your work is an extension of you, and your sole purpose lies within you.

This module creates a mirror so you can witness your amazingness allow YOU to shine through!

Module 6: Plan of Rebirth

Rome wasn't built in a day. Nor were most successful businesses.
In this module, you will:

  • Create a realistic timeline in the rebirth, or renewal, of your business.
  • Learn how ready for change you are, and how quickly you can begin to establish new roots without unearthing your former creations.
  • Dive into the shift in practice, and discover the meaning of doing so. 
  • Learn to communicate the shift to current and prospective clients in a positive way. 

Being apologetic for a change isn't in alignment with your new growth, but sharing the exuberance of what's to come, certainly is!

Module 7: Staying in Alignment to You

In this module you will develop a tool kit to help maintain the alignment within yourself and your business, so you can grow with ease, and in the direction that feels right to you. In addition, you will focus upon YOU staying true to YOU.

Your creative and healing ideas all evolve from energy. The goal is to develop a deep and profound connection to yourself, keeping your authenticity shining through, throughout your growth process. 

Module 8: Your Value and Worth

Your value and worth is a huge part of developing a business centered around your concepts, ideas, offerings, healings, knowledge, and self. Being an entrepreneur as a healer means understanding the value of your services, and believing you are worthy of s sole purpose you've been called upon to perform. 

Bonus Module: Know Your Numbers

This exciting bonus module is presented in collaboration with the lovely Liza Witonis, Personal Wealth Coach. Here, you will benefit from tools designed to:

  • Assist in aligning your financial plan with your heart's work.
  • Allow you to understand when you're ready to make changes, both energetically, and financially. 
  • Help you feel good about your relationship with abundance.

Bonus Module: Transition from Guaranteed Income to Cash-Based Services

Learn how to let go of lucrative sources of income for your business that come at the expense of not being in alignment with who you are, and what you want to offer your clients. This could be taking insurance payments, dealing and/or accepting contracts, teaching workshops, etc. While they may fit your industry, they don't fit you, or the vision of your business's brand, as an extension of you. 

Better Health. Better Business.

Holistic Transitions for Entrepreneurs is designed to improve the quality of your life and business. This program will provide you with the path and support you need to transition successfully into a healthier work/life balance.

Here's what's in it for you!...

10 Transitional Modules

Modules will include transitional teachings, specific exercises, and a workbook to expose, address, and integrate your transition process.

Three One-on-One Self Development Calls

These calls focus specifically on your needs, and break down the parts of you in need of healing and alignment. Dr. Krystal has a special ability to help you dive deep into your healing journey, and bust through barriers hindering your business, and life. 

Weekly Group Training Calls

Group calls are designed in coordination with the weekly modules. The calls are a live event, with the ability to access recordings at a later time, should you not be able to attend the live meeting. 

Unlimited Access to Modules and Call Recordings

This course is designed to give you lifetime access to teachings and calls. As you grow, easily take advantage and benefit from material, and evolve your story, your healing, and your relationship with entrepreneurship. 

Holistic Transitions for Entrepreneurs will be Released Soon!

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