Health Consciousness

Our health is our greatest asset to living the life we desire.

Health Defined: Harmony of the Body, Mind, Spirt, and Emotion Promoting Optimal Existence

This program provides an opportunity to gain insight into yourself, and achieve holistic health. You already have the tools within you to succeed. We're here to entice you to listen to your inner-wisdom and begin utilizing these tools to heal all parts of you. 


What is Health Consciousness?

  • A program developed for you. 
  • A program allowing you to look deep inside yourself and discover the answers you have been looking for.
  • A program that connects you to yourself, in a brand new way. 
  • A program giving you the ability to express your unique, authentic self. 
  • A program that nourishes and heals your mind, body, spirit, and emotion, so you may live the life you desire.
  • A program designed to let your authentic self shine, in all you do!


How will You get There?

  • You will reflect on your own connection with your health.
  • You will paint a clear picture of where you've been, where you are, and where you're going.
  • You will gain the tools necessary to increase your conscious health connection, and take action toward the healthiest you.
  • You will have the support you need to facilitate your continuum of health development, as you explore and navigate your lifelong, healthful journey. 

Your Journey to Health Consciousness

Module 1: Physical Health

The first module dives into your physical wellness and state of being. You will:

  • Address the tangible concept of where you are, in relation to your goals and what you are seeking. 
  • Look deep into the idea of health and wellness from a state of experiencing pleasure. 
  • Evaluate your sensory system, environment, nutrition, sleep, and exercise. 
  • learn meditations that promote physical health, and stretches to access your physical body. 
  • Rewrite your story to foster a positive relationship between yourself, and your physical body.
  • Have access to essential oil recipes.
  • Benefit from an everyday essential oil healing course.


Module 2: Intellectual Health

Intellect is a big part of our health. In this module you will work directly with the source of intellect, your brain. Benefit from several audio and video recordings designed to address the health of your brain by nourishing wave patterns. 

This module is all about quieting your brain, and relishing in space and time. You will learn how to bust through any limiting beliefs of not having enough time, the same belief of a constant need to be busy to live the life you desire. Here, you will retrain your brain and state of being so you can settle into the quiet, listen to your inner guidance, and trust in yourself, and the universe. 

Module 3: Emotional Health

In this module, you will dive into healing your emotional being, transforming your emotions, and balancing the way you feel on a daily basis. You will learn to cut ties with the parts of you no longer serving your needs, and develop a healthy and whole relationship within yourself. 

Gain the confidence and ability to face yourself, your fears, and your desires, head-on, so you can feel good, all the time. 

Module 4: Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is the idea of awakening to know we are pure source energy and consciousness, exactly as we are. The Spiritual Health module will teach you how to connect to your own guidance system, to hear, see, feel and experience the messages you're being given, and to unwaveringly follow your guidance with complete trust and knowing.

  • Get in touch with your highest self.
  • Integrate your highest self into your physical experience of life.
  • Experience ways to increase your energy.
  • Be completely in-tune with the universe. 
  • Find peace within yourself.


BONUS Module: Whole Health

In this final module, celebrate your complete health, expansion, and healing transformation. Gain access to lots of audio, video, journal prompts, and tips to maintain alignment with your ever-evolving health and relationship with your health. You'll also learn to sense when something is off, or needs to be altered, before your health is negatively impacted.

This module also includes teachings on the body's energetic systems, including:

  • Chakra
  • Aura
  • Craniosacral
  • Meridians

At the conclusion of Health Consciousness, you will successfully step into your role as a divine being. 


Also included in Your subscription

  • One-on-one healing session per module with Dr. Krystal
  • One monthly live group call (& recording)
  • Weekly email check-ins with Dr. Krystal and her team
  • Health Consciousness Facebook group access


"Health Consciousness was created for you, because I’ve been in your shoes. At one time, I thought I was healthy, but once I looked inside myself, I realized there was so much more to health than what was outside. I needed to heal from the inside, out.”

-Dr. Krystal

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The Story Behind Health Consciousness

I’ve had the great honor bestowed upon me to facilitate healing processes for the past ten years. When I entered into the field as a new physical therapy (PT) school graduate, I was passionate, motivated to help people, and eager, believing I could do anything and everything for others. Over the years, a deep evolution in the way I approach clients has occurred. I have had so many outstanding mentors who have shared their knowledge, insight, energy, and passion. I have found each mentor at exactly the right time in my life, and have trusted the divine guidance the universe has offered me. Their offerings have helped to shape the approach I use with clients, and the approach I want to share with you.

Almost immediately after I graduated from PT school, I had my eyes set on something more. It was then that I met Bob, who was the director of the massage therapy program at a local college. I was so inspired by his holistic approach to clients and knowledge of eastern medicine that I simply had to know more. I enrolled in the massage therapy program and became fascinated with this side of medicine, I had not been introduced to in PT school. This connection led me to my first craniosacral therapy class with the Upledger Institute. Again, my mind was blown. There was a whole body system, the craniosacral system that I knew nothing about, despite several years of anatomy and physiology classes. I became hooked. I immersed every moment in which I was not working as a PT, to my studies in massage school and craniosacral therapy continuing education. 

Through this experience, I was lucky enough to meet Denise, a beautiful spirit that suffered from back pain. She graciously allowed me to work on her every week for a year. She allowed me to use my new-found knowledge and apply it to her treatments. As I worked on Denise, it felt as though something was happening. Not only was her physical health rapidly impacted by our treatments, but she began to have positive emotional responses to the sessions. As a therapist, I gained insight into who I was as a facilitator of healing. This was the one hour per week I most looked forward to. I could make mistakes, I could learn, and I could tweak the sessions to meet Denise’s needs any way I desired. Within the confines of my administrative office in a large hospital, I was helping this amazing woman in her healing process. I found I was healing through her sessions.  

I began looking at clients as complete beings, seeing beyond their physical ailments.

Time went on, and I found I needed space to expand the work happening with Denise. I was no longer able to feel complete as a practitioner at the children’s specialty hospital I worked at. I took a position at a craniosacral therapy clinic and I met a group of therapists with similar mindsets that have become my family. Gary, Stacey, Julie, and I worked together, trading techniques for countless hours. We evolved our techniques and ourselves as therapists together. We created a network that was safe for each of us to work through emotional, physical and spiritual processes. We each developed and grew successful practices and remain close to this day, and it seems our "pod" keeps growing. Each opportunity we have with our dolphin family helped not only our clients, but each of us on a deep spiritual level. It was through these experiences my direction became clear, and holistic healing became my passion.

Feeling confident with my craniosacral techniques and inspired by the brilliant minds that developed the technique, Dr. Upledger and Dr. Sutherland, I decided to advance my skills in osteopathic manipulation. This coursework provided me with a greater understanding of the body systems, how each impacts another, and how these processes impact us, functionally. This experience led to my development of even greater sensitivity in my hands and fingertips. I started to feel the tissues of all body systems in much deeper ways. I began to feel the make up of the tissues and the type and magnitude of attention they required, in order to begin healing. 

I sought to go deeper, and met Edo, a vibrant PT and pioneer of dry needling for physical therapists. This technique became pivotal for my private practice, and my client referrals soared. This technique was so amazing when coupled with the manual techniques I already had to offer. I wanted to share this experience with everyone! I was seeing a lot of clients each day, and they were making progress, but I was not getting the treatments I needed in order to maintain my health.

I gave everything I had to my clients, but there was simply nothing left for me...

...I was unhappy and unfulfilled.  The only place I felt any sense of satisfaction was while I was seeing clients, so I dedicated more and more of my time to helping others. 

With the support of my therapist family, who I now refer to as “my pod," I opened a second business, facilitating destination wellness experiences with dolphins in the caribbean and Bahamas. Beginning this business was a challenge mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was traveling from New England to the Caribbean, initially, every 2 months, while seeing the same number of clients in my local practice. There were some great successes and beautiful experiences with our clients, and our sessions were changing their lives. The business didn’t expand as greatly as I’d hoped, and there was always a bit of tension within me, related to the project. I was vulnerable and didn’t really know how to open myself to this great gift the universe had bestowed upon me. I looked at my life and so often said, I have two successful businesses, a home, a husband, and I get to work with dolphins several times a year. What more could I need? 

I wanted MORE. I wanted to get to know myself deeper. I wanted to express my gift as a healer. 

I took my second class with Edo, knowing I would learn valuable information that would benefit my clients. I was so outwardly focused that I had no idea when I got on the table as a model in the class, something tremendous would be released. Edo assessed and needled the back of my right shoulder. I was shocked to experience the limitations present during the assessment and feel the pathologies that existed within my shoulder as he applied the needles. Tears streamed down my face in part due to the discomfort, but mostly because I allowed myself to get to this point, completely disconnected from my body, emotions and spirit. Finally, the unhealthy layers I created to protect myself began to unravel and my authentic self started to shine through once again.

The process was, at times, uncomfortable, and caused me to question myself over and over again. I met another Bob, Bob Cooley, and upon our first meeting he challenged me, and saw parts of me I couldn’t or didn’t want to see. I spent a lot of time being intimidated by his intellect and intuition and argued with myself, and with him. The resistance flexibility work I was doing with Bob, was attractive to me. It brings together the worlds of eastern and western medicine through stretching the meridians. Once I began stretching, my life really started to change. Bob led me to see how little I was taking care of myself and how much my clients would benefit if I centered my energies toward healing my whole being. The experience felt like I was being ripped open and exposed on so many levels. I started to see more clearly the aspects of my life holding me back from living the life I always desired. Eventually, my resistance was melting away, and the parts of myself I once knew and loved were beginning to surface.

I found love for my authentic self all over again. I started to feel this childhood energy and lightness in my life. 

As I was changing and evolving, I realized some of the things in my life I had come to find familiar were no longer in alignment with what I most desired. I was beginning to get healthy and I became very aware of unhealthy patterns I had been living with, including physical pain, being out of contact with my higher self, drifting emotionally unavailable, and forcing my brain to work on high gear. I was giving my best, especially in my marriage. Over time, it became clear that the relationship  was no longer healthy for us to continue despite the love that existed between us. It was heart-wrenching to make the decision to leave... 

...then, everything changed.

I was focused on my own development and I was healing. There were moments when I looked back and questioned my decision, but I found a way to stay centered and I trusted my heart.  I stretched everyday, did trades for needling, massage and craniosacral, at least three times a week. I no longer tolerated exhausting myself in order to help others. I had more energy for my clients and for myself. This rebirthing process wasn’t without a wide spectrum of emotion, but I held true to an innate knowing I was moving forward in a much more positive light than I ever had before. 

Eventually, I started to find my footing and the changes I was making in my life were conscious choices. My perspective began to expand, as did the vibrational energy within me. I started to dance again, a childhood passion that had been left behind, but nourished me so much, was once again a part of my life. Emotionally, my connection with others improved and relationships were flourishing. I gained awareness and insight into who I was and why I was living this life. And, I was dedicated to achieving a healthy alignment within mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

My relationship with my parents, family, and friends became more thoughtful and healing. I made changes to the way I ran my business. I saw the ripple effect in action; the positive choices I was making were leading to positive changes for my personal life, my team, my clients and their relationships. I found a partner I connected with deeply, and who sought to grow and evolve within a relationship. I was giving and receiving graciously, and felt the sense I’d connected with the deepest parts of my soul. I was no longer hiding behind a shield of expectation.

As I became more exposed and open, my clients did as well. Their growth inspired me. I finally found myself!

I attended my third series with Edo, and for the first time in my life, in a professional setting, I was not afraid to share who I was as a practitioner. I was not fearful about “fitting in." I expressed who I was without expectation, and it turns out, I was accepted and embraced for just being who I really am as a practitioner. My personal life began to evolve and I found a partner who wanted to create, grow, and experience life together. We have been deliberately creating and setting intentions for our dreams, and they are coming true. As we flourish as individuals, our relationship grows, and we soar through life, satisfied. Everything came to me as I was ready to allow it into my life. And now I am simply enjoying all this amazing life has to offer. I am in astonishment I am receiving so much encouragement from the universe, to share what I have learned.

I want to share with the world the power of being your own healer, the sensation of connecting to your highest self, the impact of focusing on self development, and the delight in manifesting the life you always desired to live. I want to encourage a community of support, assistance and unconditional understanding.