Lean In, Be Empowered

For most of my life, I have been an extremely independent person. I found myself thinking of myself separately from the world, trying to exist and trying to flourish AGAINST everything else.  


I realize now that what I was feeling had nothing to do with anyone else or the world, put simply, it was my own resistance to myself. Seriously, the only thing in my way from feeling connected was ME. Why? Because I decided at some point that I was separate and that I had to achieve, experience, and be on my own. 

I could spend days writing about the course of events that led me to believe this was true, but it's not nearly as important as discovering when it is that

you are standing in your own way!

Tragic loss is what allowed me to soften and lean in. There was no choice, I had to let go of my ego in order to survive. I needed people and they were beyond amazing. They offered unconditional love, they were nonjudgmental, they were supportive and they helped me to feel safe.

As it turns out, people are willing to be there for you in extraordinary ways, all the time!

Letting people in isn't an indicator of weakness, it's being part of a community. Leaning into that community when you need to and providing support when others need it. We are all different and in physical form, we are separate beings with unique gifts and talents. Letting go of our ego and choosing to lean in, empowers us in a tremendous way as we work together in collaboration and growth.

Being empowered is a healthy choice.

Lean In!.png

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with these two special ladies for a few months in our Mastermind group. The cool thing about this group is that we made a conscious choice to hold each other in the most beautiful light and support each other as our businesses grow. As it turns out, our Mastermind has become a network of boundless friendship, love, energy, respect and support in every way. 

Rather than being afraid to ask others for help, I now relish in the support networks that have always existed around me and am open to new opportunities of support.

Wouldn't it feel good to lean in and be empowered?

I challenge you this week to look at those vulnerable parts of yourself where you hold resistance and ask yourself if there is some way you could be supported by someone. And when that person shows up, lean in!

My 2017 Biz Resolution

Written on 1-11-17:

I'd love to start this year's updates expressing my gratitude for an immense 2016. So many changes to the business have allowed me and the amazing work I share with clients to expand in a healthy, beautiful way. So much that was unnecessary has faced and the core of healing is really prominent. I am tremendously grateful for my own inner knowing, support of so many loving people, and the honor of facilitating healing. Its seriously awesome!

As a bit of a perfectionist, I've created a list of things I'd like to bring more of to the practice energetically in 2017. Here's what we all have to look forward to!

  • fascination with clients journeys
  • joy of treatment
  • magic with every touch, needle, crystal, oil, herb
  • healing love
  • abundant gratitude
  • blessings
  • non-attachment
  • experience pleasure of the client's successes
  • the energy of the universe and dolphins
  • the feeling of feeling great
  • confidence
  • advanced energetic diagnostics and treatments
  • spiritual peace
  • profound allowing and receiving of abundance

Since writing this, I have found a renewed and heightened life force energy within myself coming to sessions that is simply divine! Looking forward to our work together in 2017!

xo Krystal

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It is a time to shift and a time to celebrate. After 8 years in the beloved Salmon Falls Mill, we would like to proudly announce that we will be moving to Portsmouth on 31 October 2016. While the decision was not an easy one to make, as the mill was very kind to us, we are excited about the energetic expansion that being in Portsmouth will allow us. Rollinsford will remain near and dear to our hearts always, but we are embracing the beautiful new relationship with Portsmouth. Join us on our journey in our new location 875 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH. 

One Foot in Each World

Greatest Lesson Number 3 from the Abraham Hicks Workshop. If you've read the last few blogs I've written and you still don't know about the Law of Attraction, please please please go to abraham-hicks.com . There is so much to explore and learn about yourself in this process. 

About 2 months ago, I made one of the most challenging and trying decisions of my life, taking my little pinky toe out of the other world, so to speak. Over the past 10 years, owning a healthcare practice, I've found myself resisting both conformity to western standards and alternative healing. 

I deducted rather quickly that western standards and healthcare processes made less and less sense to me and that I found myself adapting to an alternative world. The reality of course, was that the Alternative World was where I felt at home, where I belonged and where I could facilitate the absolute best healing processes for clients and myself. 

There were SHOULDS that kept getting in my way, and often I struggled to navigate through them rather than cutting them loose. I held on to things because it seemed like that was what was supposed to happen. It turns out, there was a lot of unnecessary struggle. 

I started to listen to my Inner Wisdom with greater intent and trust the messages I was receiving. I had weaned off all but 20% of the things in my life that didn't make me happy and didn't make sense to me. I was happy 80% of the time, but I kept receiving messages that there was more for me. 

That last 20% was the most challenging to even consider letting go of, because it wasn't only my life that was impacted but that of children I spent 8 years assisting. Assisting them had become a battle of politics, finances and ego and I felt no longer able to freely serve and I wasn't receiving my worth energetically. 

About 10 days prior to being at the workshop, I made the final decision to take back the 20%. I never had a moment of regret, but when I heard Abraham through Ester say "You cannot have one foot in each world!" I knew that my decision was more than just a shift for me, it meant a shift for everyone around me, my family, my colleagues, my clients, and all of their circles. I realized how much this 20% really meant and how it absolutely didn't make sense to keep that pinky toe in the other world any longer because it was not inline with my soul purpose or where the divine guidance was leading me. 


There were some very specific lessons I learned in my attendance to the Abraham Hicks workshop, as I mentioned in my first blog. The second lesson I would like to share is about co-creating. 

I was always the type of person that loved the company of others and being in relationships, as I got older I sought more and more vulnerability and connection that was far beyond the physical world. However, for much of my adult life, I held back in relationships as I feared for losing who I was. I was confused by the sensitivity I felt to energy and when I communicated this to partners, it often confused them. So I hid.

Secretly, my whole life, I've desired to have a partner to really experience life with, create with, share with, give and receive, yet still maintain our own uniqueness. The universe responded very abruptly to my requests. Just over a year ago, I met Piotrek and despite some initial resistance to jumping into something that felt so good, I jumped anyway, knowing the value in experiencing something so good. 

Piotrek and I made a choice to attend the workshop together. We were both drawn to the Law of Attraction long before we met each other and were fascinated by the thought of hearing the wisdom of Abraham. When Ester via Abraham began talking about the process of co-creation, I had tears in my eyes. 

Co-creating the life Piotrek and I share has really been delightful. It has taken us some time to weed through out own resistance to nurture the beautiful parts of us that want to grow and evolve. Occasionally, these vines of resistance still present themselves, but we cut them when we are ready. We have chose to live this life as a co-creating unit. We are powerful manifesters on our own, but together, our vision is more easily brought to life. 

We've found ways that work for each of us to find balance and harmony within ourselves, some are shared, like our morning meditation and stretching and some are more individual (my writing, his composition). When we have this alignment within ourselves, our connection and relation to each other is natural and easy. Together, we have found that each owning our own businesses, we are much stronger developing them as a co-creation and its actually really fun! Personally, we are supporting each other through it all. We vibrate at the highest frequency possible together. From here it seems anything is possible and IT IS