2018 Intentions

This year, I wrote a list of intentions for integration in 2018. I’m not one for resolutions, but I’m huge on intentions. As I looked deeply into my own personal development: where I am, how I feel, what I know is possible and where I wish to go, I started writing. Sharing my list felt like it was in alignment, so here it is…

DEEPLY CONNECT in every conversation and interaction with humans, creatures and nature. I want to look every moment in the eye and be with it honestly and openly in order to facilitate the greatest connection possible.

TAKE TIME, however much time is necessary to express myself authentically, share completely, listen fully and take in all that others and this brilliant universe are offering to me.

DO FROM THE HEART in every circumstance. If it isn’t from my heart, there’s no point in doing it.

BE, JUST BE, at least 30% of the time with myself, my desire and whatever task might be at hand.

EXPAND in the highest and best without straying from my authenticity and knowing. 

My 2017 Biz Resolution

Written on 1-11-17:

I'd love to start this year's updates expressing my gratitude for an immense 2016. So many changes to the business have allowed me and the amazing work I share with clients to expand in a healthy, beautiful way. So much that was unnecessary has faced and the core of healing is really prominent. I am tremendously grateful for my own inner knowing, support of so many loving people, and the honor of facilitating healing. Its seriously awesome!

As a bit of a perfectionist, I've created a list of things I'd like to bring more of to the practice energetically in 2017. Here's what we all have to look forward to!

  • fascination with clients journeys
  • joy of treatment
  • magic with every touch, needle, crystal, oil, herb
  • healing love
  • abundant gratitude
  • blessings
  • non-attachment
  • experience pleasure of the client's successes
  • the energy of the universe and dolphins
  • the feeling of feeling great
  • confidence
  • advanced energetic diagnostics and treatments
  • spiritual peace
  • profound allowing and receiving of abundance

Since writing this, I have found a renewed and heightened life force energy within myself coming to sessions that is simply divine! Looking forward to our work together in 2017!

xo Krystal

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