Agressive Energy

Qi is pure, life supporting, vital energy; even when blocked it is still all of these things. Essentially, Aggressive Energy is pollution of natural Qi. Qi becomes tainted in someway. When tainted energy is passed through the Sheng cycle and spread around system, it leads to premature organ failure and death. Generally, the polluted energy gets passed into the Ko cycle. Based upon the Law of Mother and Child, the mother refuses to give poor or polluted energy to its child. This shunting of energy into the Ko cycle means there's less energy within the Sheng cycle. However, if this polluted energy moves to all components of the Ko cycle, death is imminent. 

There are many causes of Aggressive Energy within the system. The presence of AE indicates that we are in someway living against the laws of nature and our body mind spirit is unable to bounce back. These include: trauma, surgery, dental work, anesthesia, living against one's own truth, overwhelmed by stressors, a weak constitution, cancer, emotional stress such as the death of a loved one, abuse on any level or any factor that causes nature to give up. Lifestyle in the modern-day world contributes to AE because we don't live in accordance with natural law. Living against natural law it's like a river that does not move, stagnant, not flowing, polluted and toxic; instead of moving freely it fosters disease and death.

It is most important to identify and remediate Aggressive Energy before beginning treatment. This assures that tainted energy will not be passed throughout the system. The presence of Aggressive Energy shows the natural law has broken down. Aggressive Energy does not show up lightly as it is not in accordance with the natural law. Aggressive Energy is held in the yin or solid mass organs. When the Organs present with Aggressive Energy, they do not want to pass on this polluted Qi, but its presence makes the Organ unable to heal itself. The Organ finds a way to rid this energy. Unfortunately, each organ retains some AE on. Classical five element acupuncture checks and drains Aggressive Energy in all clients. Only the presentation of Possession is treated before Aggressive Energy.

Why AE is present isn't as important as treating it, but often the client can offer insight into why it is present. There are some expressions of AE which include agitation, energetic chaos, lacking control of behaviors or emotions, depression, disconsolate, inability to Marshall own resources internally and externally, aggression or no particular symptoms but knowing that's something just doesn't feel right.

Aggressive Energy Associated Effect Points

To test for Aggressive Energy: Place needles, very superficially, just under the skin, with perpendicular insertion, in the bilateral Associated Effect Points (Back Shu) of all predominantly Yin organs, excepting the Heart. The insertion should be so shallow that, once inserted, a one-inch needle will hang at approximately a 45-degree angle to the skin.

Lung: UB 13

Heart Protector: UB 14

Liver: UB 18

Spleen: UB 20

Kidney: UB 23 

Needles should also be placed in the same fashion nearby the Associated Effect Points, but not in acupuncture points (i.e. at the same height relative to the spine and approximately one-inch lateral to the Associated Effect (Back Shu). Points. These are called "test" needles. The positioning of the "test" needles should be at sufficient distance from the actual points so that any redness on the skin from the actual points will not interfere with that of the "test" needle. The “test” needles provide a control to determine presence of AE.

The presence of Aggressive Energy is noted by erythema around the needles placed in the Yin Back Shu points, within 5-10 minutes of insertion. The Ko or control cycle, can become destructive when AE is present. We look to the coast cycle for correlations. Redness can present in the order of the Ko cycle and we can think of it like legs to a stool. Organs can go into failure according to the Ko cycle. To treat Aggressive Energy, we leave the needles in the Back Shu Points, which have tested, positive for AE until the redness completely disappears. As aggressive energy drains, redness dissipates. This can take minutes to hours. 

Normally, AE does not reach the Heart, as the Heart Protector bears the brunt of insults. In rare cases, this energy goes through the Heart Protector to the Heart. All other Yin organs should be drained first, then the Heart can be tested and drained. The Heart is checked last, and by itself, after all other organs have cleared of erythema. Even if all other organs test negative, check the Heart last, to be sure it is clear. After removing all other previously inserted needles, new needles are inserted into the Heart Back Shu point (UB15) with a new “test” needle nearby. If Aggressive Energy is not draining on the Heart Protector we can add a Heart at the same time to take the pressure off the Heart Protector. When Aggressive Energy is removed, nature and nature's healing abilities are back in control. After AE is checked and treated initially, it is not rechecked unless something outrageous happens. If no redness is present or there is no difference between the needles in the AEPs and the “test” points, then the test for Aggressive Energy is considered negative. The only way to determine presence of AE is to test for it, symptoms alone do not indicate Aggressive Energy.


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Aggressive Energy by: Neil Gumenick