Entry Exit Points

The Wei Qi flows in the Law of Midday/Midnight. This Qi protects us from invasions. It flows just below the skin. The Entry Exit Points give us access to the Wei Qi level. Any Entry Exit Blocks occur on the Wei Qi level. The energy flows through the meridian and then from the Exit point of one meridian to the Entry point of the next, connecting a continuous cycle. 

Pulses Five Element Acupuncture

Entry Exit Blocks occur between Elements (within the Element, between the Officials are Junctions). Entry Exit Blocks are diagnosed only by the pulses. The Needle Technique is a Tonification Technique. The following sequence is used to clear an Entry Exit Block: Left Exit, R Exit, L Entry, R Entry where the block is occurring. Entry Exit Blocks could be due to weakness in the system, overload of toxins, transitions without flow. Blocks are part of the journey. We, as acupuncturists help to restore the continuous flow of energy by releasing these blocks. As with all Classical Five Elements Treatments, we must end the treatment with Command Points to ground the work. All Yang Entry Points and Yin Exit Points are Command Points.

It is important to note that with Entry Exit Block treatment, emotional release is possible. If we do not assist the client in clearing the block, it can limit the progression of the treatment. While the pulses are the only way we diagnose this particular block, the client may report the feeling of being stuck or blocked. This suggestion may lead us to look deeper at the possibility of an Entry Exit Block and further toward Husband Wife Imbalance or Possession. There is no harm in treating a Block, especially when in question. We can look to assess if after the treatment the Pulse Picture is improved. 

The most common blocks are Liver VIII / Lung IX, Spleen XII / Heart I, and Small Intestine II / Bladder III. Other possible blocks, though less common include: Triple Heater VI / Gall Bladder VII, Large Intestine X / Stomach XI, and Kidney IV / Heart Protector V. These are the only Entry Exit Blocks that are possible. It is, however possible that there is more than one Entry Exit Block occurring at the same time. It should be noted that Entry Exit Blocks can sometimes occur in the Conception and Governing Vessels. 

Entry Exit Points


II/III Entry Exit Block Pulse Picture 

Entry Exit Block

Treatment: Tonification Needle Technique: Left II19, Right II19, Left III1, Right III1

X/XI Entry Exit Block Pulse Picture 

Entry Exit Block

Treatment: Tonification Needle Technique: Left X20, Right X20, Left XI1, Right XI1


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