Meridian Balancing Workshop

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Join Dr. Krystal Couture and Piotrek Kowalczyk for this special course focused on balancing your body via the meridians. Meridians are the energy lines within your body that correlate to organ system health and overall well being. In this class, we will work together to restore balance to each meridian and learn about its impact on our spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. During the class, we will combine meditation with meridian clearing techniques, emotional transformation, body balancing and stretching techniques in order to restore energy flow throughout the body systems. You will leave the course feeling balanced, nourished, flexible and grounded. Anyone can benefit from the amazing effect of Meridian Balancing and Yoga. Handouts will be included in your registration so that you may easily carry this practice into your daily routine.

Saturday 24 June 2017, 10am-12noon - Yoga Center of Newburyport $25/per person

Dr. Krystal Couture is a holistic healer, physical therapist and massage therapist with a deep passion for facilitating the body to heal itself through balance. Dr. Krystal was first introduced to the meridians in massage school and had the opportunity to train with a TCM provider and shiatsu practitioner. She first learned about meridian stretching through training with the Genius of Flexibility. Each layer of Dr. Krystal’s training has assisted her in creating a unity of various techniques to facilitate balance to the comprehensive human in mind, body, spirit and emotion. Dr. Krystal incorporates Meridian Balancing and Yoga into her own daily practice and her client sessions. 

There are only 24 spaces available for this workshop, pre-registration is recommended.

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Love Notes about Dr. Krystal's Meridian Balancing Workshop

Meridian Balancing Workshop Newburyport Yoga Carla Zaplana
The Meridian Balancing class was really impressive. Finding out how little, tiny and slow movements but focusing one’s Energy and consciousness on them was mind-changing on the body’s perception. After class I felt like a complete workout but more over, I felt calm, aligned and in peace. I could clearly experience the removal of my body blockages on my daily yoga practice where I feel more flexible, I can reach deeper poses. That feeling has also transmuted to mind and spirit level. Thank you Krystal! Ready for the next one!
— Carla Zaplana - Author, Nutritionist, & Health Mentor
Krystal is a wonderfully insightful & well educated teacher. I am Grateful to have participated in such a relaxing & deeply transformative experience.
— Joan Gauthier - Physical Therapist & Healer
Meridian Balancing Workshop Newburyport Yoga Healing
Finding balance in busy world doesn’t always come easy. This class allowed me a few hours to just be me, to focus on restoring my balance, and to enjoy the company of so many others on the same journey. The instruction lead by Dr. Krystal and her husband, Piotr, was informative and simply beautiful to watch. I left with a warm heart and a big smile. Thank you, Dr. Krystal
— Jessica Dudek Wright - Realtor, Skincare Consultant & Community Volunteer

Diving into Meridian Balancing