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"My priority is to meet the client where they are in their healing process, at any given time. Each session is different, and is combined with a variety of healing techniques. I use treatment techniques based upon my own educational and enrichment journey. Providing wellness sessions is an immense gift and responsibility. I am regularly treated with the same techniques I offer to clients.  I am immersed in developing my connection with each modality that we offer, and have been taught and mentored by brilliant developers in the fields of physical therapy and wellness. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with clients, techniques that have been integral in my own evolution; physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally."

-Dr. Krystal

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Schedule Your Healing Session

60 and 90 minute sessions in Portsmouth NH, Newburyport MA, and Distance Healing may be booked online! Please click the appropriate link below to schedule your desired location. Clients with complex conditions, multiple pathologies or a desire for deeper awakening of the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms should schedule a 90 minute session.

The Unique Pure Balance Experience

  • Experience positive changes to your body and mind with the aid of a compassionate, sensitive, nurturing, and dedicated facilitator of healing.
  • Benefit from many forms of comprehensive healing in a one-on-one setting, designed for your specific health needs.
  • Open the door to your inner wisdom and learn to heal yourself.
  • Tap into the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual guidance your body offers.
  • Relax in a safe, comfortable, inviting, and open environment.
  • Create your own healing journey with the support of a non-judgmental facilitator.
  • Set your own healing pace.
  • Break through your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental barriers.
  • Be a part of a community of alternative healing, leading to additional support, when necessary.
  • Receive radiant energy at the highest vibrations, for sessions of the highest quality.
  • Feel confident and at ease understanding we are all healing, each and every one of us. 

Areas of Focus

Cervical/neck pain, tension and radicular pain
Thoracic and rib pain, and dysfunction
Lower back, sacral and sacroiliac pain, and imbalance
Nerve pain, including sciatica
Orthopedic conditions, such as rotator cuff injuries, meniscal injuries, strains and sprains
Pelvic floor dysfunction
Pregnancy pain, balance and connection to the growing baby
Premenopausal and menopausal symptoms
Relief of stress, anxiety and tension
Endocrine system imbalances
Restoring balance to the body as a whole
Spiritual awakening and deepening the connection to oneself

What You can Expect

During your first session with Dr. Krystal, together, you will review your health history, areas of strength and deficit, and health goals; physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Dr. Krystal will discuss a plan for treatment, and specifically how her specialties will help you move toward improving your optimal health. Using her knowledge, intuition and highly developed manual skills, Dr. Krystal will fully assess your body, including your posture and myofascial lines. She will also look at any pathologies you may have, and accordingly diagnose orthopedic and myofascial dysfunctions.

Dr. Krystal may then use a variety of energetic diagnostic techniques in order to connect the physical presentation with the organ systems, as well as the subtle energies of the emotional and spiritual systems. This will help in providing a comprehensive picture of your health and how we can best address each area in a manner that addresses the primary cause, while alleviating symptoms. Then, we will begin our treatment. The first session will take 90-110 minutes. 

Established client sessions begin with a brief consultative period where you can discuss concerns, needs, health changes, progress and desires. Dr. Krystal may ask a variety of questions to further assess physically, energetically, emotionally, and intellectually what is necessary for you to achieve balance and progress. She will then assess your physical pathology, fascial system and body's energetic system before beginning treatment.

Dr. Krystal also incorporates iridology, tongue, pulse, and facial diagnostics when further refinement is necessary. If needle application is necessary, it will be done so, at this time. 

Needling is sometimes combined with craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional release, endocrine attunement or visualization. Needling is often accompanied by a period of time for release, energy balancing and integration with one's own energy. Following this, Dr. Krystal will use a variety of manual and energy healing techniques to assure balance in the body. These techniques include osteopathic manipulation, myofacial release, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, balancing of vectors, and meridian unwinding and balancing. The session will often conclude with a home program, including recommendations for stretches, movement patterns, and other ways to support your journey to better health, with essential oils, homeopathy treatments, and/or meditation tools.


Why Pure Balance?

We are unique, in that our focus is on comprehensive holistic healing. We believe healing and advancement of one part of our being cannot occur without positively impacting the other parts. You will experience combined healing of mind, body, spirit, and emotion during each session.

Dr. Krystal was one of the first twenty people to be certified in Advanced Dry Needling by Kinetacore. Her techniques have developed with great sensitivity, and she has dedicated herself to continuing her education in holistic manual therapy to facilitate the greatest healing experience possible, for each client.

During each session, Dr. Krystal is present with you, and is committed to your healing. She values each person as an individual, and embraces you, exactly where you are. Dr. Krystal believes passionately in her work, and provides opportunities for you to grow, develop and heal in a manner that serves you best. 

Session Rates

60 minutes/$120
90 minutes/$170
Weekends & Holidays
60 minutes/$150
90 minutes/$200
Starts at 60 minutes/$225
Distance Healing
15 minutes/$37
60 minutes/$133

Cash, check, Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal and direct bank transfers are accepted as forms of payment. 

Our Portsmouth Location

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Our Newburyport Location

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