Schedule Your Healing Session

Portsmouth NH and Newburyport MA sessions are available for in person healings. Distance healing sessions are available for those who are separated by distance.

Portsmouth NH

875 Islington Street, Portsmouth NH at Gateway Taiji

Newburport MA

12 Maple Street, Newburyport MA at The Yoga Center of Newburyport

Distance Healing

Wherever you are, in the energy realms. 

...consciousness is energy, and energy knows no distance. That's why for instance, if you are doing healing work, Reiki work, you can do distance treatment and there's no time or space that creates a space between the energy.
Intention direct energy directly to the place that you intend it. It appears there instantaneously because, in reality, there is no place. In reality, consciousness exists simultaneously in all time and space at once. There is only NOW. There is only the one moment of reality within everything. Everything finds its existence within that moment of reality. That is the moment of creation... WE ARE EVER PRESENT. 
- The Second Coming - The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age by: Joel D Anastasi