Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 12

Hoshindo Therapy with Lauren Kendall Shane


Lauren Kendall Shane, practitioner and owner of The Celestial Bee, offers a unique method of therapeutic healing with the medicines and foods of the tiny honeybee; she also extends her bee-centric “energetic system work” with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This personalized body work, focused on biodynamic massage and Hoshindo acupuncture with bee venom, can be a potent anti-inflammatory treatment without pharmaceutical medication.

Lauren’s role in dynamic wellness and wholeness extends beyond the therapy room: she is also an experienced gardener who is dedicated to tending to the earth (and bees) as an essential aspect of whole health and personal transformation for all humans.

To her honeybees are at the heart of an elaborate and delicate energetic dance that is an essential part of a much larger cycle of human balance and wholeness and must be attended to on all levels to ensure a healthy planet, healthy body, and healthy self.


Initiation to bees: Kissed with Medicine

Transmutation of one thing becoming something else

Being okay with being in the mystery

Energy creates form, function and movement

Ecstacy Shock: “This is my life!”

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