Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 10

Nature Communication and Land Healing with Kara Breese


In 2007 Kara felt as if she was living on “auto-pilot” and desired a deeper connection with herself, the people around her and to life in general. At the time, she didn’t realize it but receiving her first energy healing would bring a 20+ year career in Psychology and Research to a close.

As a Doctor of Metaphysics and Healing Mh.D, she has trained extensively in various forms of energy healing and clearing for people, animals and land. Her passion is to inspire people to connect to their true essence and to understand their power, complexity and sacred nature. If something deep inside of you has been telling you there is more to life – trust it. There is more to you and to life than you can possibly imagine.



You are Nature

A conduit for nature’s intelligence

Nature is Spirit in Form

Shared Distortion

Quantum Energy

Divine Blueprint

Relationship between Humans and Nature


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