Be Purely Balanced Podcast: Episode 3

Animal Communication with Michele Lowry

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Since 2003 Michele has been dedicated to understanding our animal companions, their needs and how they see life through their eyes.  In this quest she has studied Reiki to Reiki Master/Teacher, Animal Communication, Shamanism and how to bring a more holistic lifestyle to our animals.  Her horse Echoe, her two dogs Nira and Kobo (both since passed on) guided her in this journey of discovery when conventional medicine did not work and she was left to seek alternative options.  She works closely with her animal clients to understand their physical, emotional and behavioral needs, resolution and a plan of action.

Features of Animal Communication:

What is animal communication

Facilitating healing for animals and their humans

The exchange between humans and animals

Cultivating relationships with animals in our lives

Connecting with our animal companions on a more spiritual level

What we can offer our animal companions in exchange

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