Module 4: Releasing Patterns & Emotions

Transform the Emotions Meditation

Transforming the emotions with sounds is a profound way to balance the energy of elements, and center our energy. Below are the sounds and phrases used to transform the emotions. Dr. Krystal uses these daily in meditation, with clients, and in group healing sessions. An audio track is available for download below. 


Transform anger and confusion into kindness and clarity.


Transform hastiness, impatience, cruelty, and broken heartedness into honor, respect and love.


Transform worry, anxiety, and disappointment into openness, fairness, and compassion.
Oooooh..(like ooooh la la)


Transform sadness, grief, and depression into courage and righteousness.
Sssss… (like a snake).


Transform fear and awe into gentleness and wisdom.
Long Ohhhh...


Balance respiration, digestion, and elimination.


Balance bones.
Zzzzzzz… (like a buzzing bee).

Five elements Course

Wood. Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. The Five Elements. Curious about the what the elements are and what they mean to our everyday life? This class breaks down each of the Five Elements and helps you to discover the traits, characteristics, and symptoms associated with the balance of each element. We discuss how to utilize this knowledge for day to day life, as well as share practices, crystals, oils and other activities to support the uniqueness of each element. 

Passcode: FiveElements