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My Physical Health

Physical health is all about using our senses to connect with our body and learn about what we physically need in order to achieve health. Physical health is far greater than exercise and diet. It encompasses knowing how to physically move your body for flexibility and strength, nourish your system with water, vitamins and foods that are right for you and the season, rest deeply and adequately, stimulate and enjoy the sensations we have the gift of being blessed with, and exercise your organs so that they may optimally function. Organs associated with the physical being are the Heart, Lungs and Triple Heater. 

Our bodies have the amazing abilities to heal themselves. Sometimes, our body is healing itself without us even being aware of the occurrence. Sometimes, we require some type of facilitation in order for our bodies to achieve whatever it needs to heal. When we pay attention to and carry out activities related to our physical health, we begin to feel better within our physical bodies, but also within the other parts of ourselves, the emotional, spiritual and analytical parts.

It is my challenge to you to think about wellness, balancing your energy and creating health within yourself. The keys to your health lie within you. This lesson will assist you in accessing them, organizing the insight and assist you in developing the health plan that works best for you.

You Are the Authority on Your Own Health

A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with a heart condition that Western Medicine practitioners deemed curable only with strong medications with serious side effects and a surgical procedure. My mom was confused, scared and feeling hopeless with the recommendations provided by her physician. Reluctantly, she began a course of the medication and within just a few days she began to feel her liver and kidneys being over worked. She called me and explained her situation. I wanted to be strong for my mom and encouraged her to get a second opinion, but on the inside I was frightened to lose my mom and by the limitations in the treatment plan. 

At the time, I was working with Bob Cooley, my mentor and author of The Genius of Flexibility. I was learning more and more about the body’s amazing abilities to heal itself. I asked for his advice and guidance, he said to me, “Your mom is the authority on her own health. She knows what is right for her.” He then went on to say that I had all of the skills necessary to treat my mom successfully. It was easy for me to tell my mom that she was in control of the situation and knew the answer. I was surprised when she asked me for help. I attempted to refer her to every specialist I knew, including Bob. But, Mom wanted me to work on her. She invested in a healing path that she knew very little about, but trusted her instincts and my abilities to help facilitate her healing process.

I was humbled, honored and knew that I had an opportunity to jump at this chance to assist my mom or to run.

I jumped, head first. We began doing sessions one or two times a week. I took a couple of sessions to really assess her body and found several areas of need. The most forefront being to eliminate the negative effects of the medication she’d taken for just a few days. Following that, we began to go deeper into the tissues and energetic restrictions that were present within her. I used a variety of techniques with my mom - Resistance Flexibility, Dry Needling, and Craniosacral / SomatoEmotional Release. I found that this combination of techniques allowed me to continuously reassess the messages that her body was communicating to us. We spoke with her Inner Physician, a concept created by Dr. John Upledger, throughout each session as we applied craniossacral therapy and resistance flexibility. 

She remained active in all of her treatments, while I facilitated the process, her body provided guidance and we began to learn more about the insight she held to heal herself. 

Our sessions went on for about 6 months. Her symptoms began to resolve after about 6 weeks, but we agreed that working into the pathologies that we discovered could only benefit her organ health and impact her emotional, spiritual and mental health, so we kept going. Her surgeon was baffled that she’d made the progress that she had and while he was relatively unexcited about it, told her to continue with the treatments and that she did not require a chemical or surgical intervention anymore. She also never went back on the medication and had no surgery. She stretches every day and has sessions as she feels they are necessary.

With a little facilitation, she healed her own heart.

The experience to me taught me about my own abilities to look at a client comprehensively, to trust my intuition and inner guidance, to listen intently to clients and to encourage client’s positively to engage in their healing processes. The relationship between my mom and I began to change, we became closer to each other. I was able to relate to my mom more positively and we began to understand each other on a subconscious level. Treating her helped to stimulate healing in my emotional self. I began to understand my mom’s strengths and assets as a human. I enjoyed the time we were spending together. I became more honest, friendly, compassionate and relatable. 

I gained so much as a healer, a human being and a daughter by spending time with my mom and facilitating her healing process. 

Physical Health Meditation

Journaling Prompts 

Please take your time to thoughtfully fill in the tables and journaling prompts reflective of various aspects of your physical health. These printable PDF's can be updated at any time. This is meant to be an ever evolving document to assist you in assessing your health. Enjoy the process of exploring your health. It is recommended that you complete one prompt per week, adding to and evolving the notes that you make, as well as integrating changes into your life.

Physical Health

This one AMAZING BODY is our tool to experience the physical world. Our goal is to identify ways to take care of this body that are satisfying, enjoyable and bring us that overall good feeling to our bodies. 


Nourishing your body through foods with all the delicious vitamins, minerals, water and foods that please you gives you a physical and psychological edge on maintaining a healthy weight.

Chemical / Toxin Table

Our bodies can be very sensitive to chemicals and toxins we expose ourselves to through touch, inhalation, and ingestion. Reducing our exposure can substantially impact our complete health.

Sensory Stimulation

Experiencing positive sensory stimulation causes the release of oxytocin, known as the love hormone for its trigger of calm and closeness. Negative stimulation yields the release of cortisol aka the stress hormone.



Stretches To Open the Physical Body

These stretches are based upon the myofascial sinews of the physical body that correspond to particular organs through our meridian energy system. Each month, spend some time getting to know the stretches in the first week or so and then incorporate the stretches into your daily physical activity. Pay attention to subtle differences you notice in your physical body in the muscle tissue and organs and also in your energy systems. 


Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini



Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini


Triple Warmer

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Bonus: My Favorite Chemical Free Recipes

Life is busy! And for many of us, the last thing we have time for is tediously combing through recipes to replace household chemical based products with our own creations. While I often opt to purchase my synthetic free products, there are a few that I really enjoy making.

  • Because they are super simple and take less than 5 minutes. 
  • Because I love customizing the scents with essential oils.
  • Because they are MAJOR money savers.
  • It feels really good to create something that pleases you that is also safe!!!

Hand Soap

Laundry Detergent

Dryer balls


Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 2.28.49 PM.png

Face Tonic

face tonic krystal couture essential oils

Everday Aromatherapy

I want to share with you some of my favorite essential oils to use holistically at home to facilitate healing for a wide variety of everyday ailments. Please enjoy this course presentation. 


Making my own kombucha is not only super fun and easy, but it sure saves cash AND its a lovely way to get probiotics in. The initial set up and rhythm of getting going with kombucha can take a little extra effort and some fine tuning, but once you're brewing smoothly, its easy to maintain beautiful kombucha for your family to enjoy each day. I like to add a second ferment to my kombucha, by straining the juice into a glass pop-top bottle and adding 3-5 raspberries and allowing to ferment for 3-4 more days (burp the bottle each day as this process will add a little fizz in addition to delicious flavor)! I've also found a liking toward gifting SCOBY and starter tea to friends and family who are starting to brew! Start brewing today!! RECIPE HERE

health consciousness krystal couture holistic healing


You have now completed the Physical Health Chapter of this series. Give yourself the time and space to make the changes you identified. Prioritize those that need to be made immediately and those that might take more time to evolve. You are taking the role as the authority of your own health. It’s time to manifest your creation of physical health. Just as the answers all lie within your being, so does the ability to manifest exactly what you seek. Do your best and find a way to always express gratitude for your process, your evolution and your physical being. You are not alone. You have the support of the Health Consciousness Group, Dr. Krystal, your own health community and your loved ones.

“Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.  Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgement, self-abuse, and regret.” -Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements