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My Intellectual Health

In this lesson we begin to look at our cognitive health. Mental health and using our intellect in healthy ways is a strategy that can be difficult to connect to, especially for those that are more emotional, spiritual or physical in nature. A lot of people are struggling to remove themselves from a chaotic and stressful place, which they associate negatively with the thinking mind.

A specific frequency of brain waves called Beta Waves are important for effective functioning throughout the day, they also can translate into stress, anxiety and restlessness when we are in a constant state of unbalanced Beta, which is extremely common among humans. It can be difficult to discern when we are in an active conscious state of brain function versus an unhealthy Beta state. As we become more and more connected to their hearts and messages they receive from inside themselves or intuitively. Seeing value in the analytical part of ourselves that is present and conscious gives us the freedom to know ourselves in a much deeper way, to make informed decisions, to assert our selves clearly and articulately. 

In ancient Chinese Medicine the organs most associated with the cognitive parts of us are the Governing Vessel, Gall Bladder, Stomach and Kidneys. This is where self awareness, trust, decision making and enlightenment are housed. It is where we hold, express and use our knowledge to interact with life. Enhancing our intellect will facilitate a more complete, honest and direct path to living our authentic life. We will receive, process and express information more deeply as we get to know ourselves from this perspective.

Let our intention for this lesson be to gain greater awareness into ourselves, learn to trust ourselves, make important decisions and secure a sense of enlightenment upon this journey.

Deep Reflections

After an 8 year relationship, in 2013, I choose to leave my husband. This was the hardest decision I had ever made as I was still in love with him when I left. He was filled with beautiful qualities. He was a chef, but really more of an artist who created delicious foods that stimulated the senses, brought great joy and was nourishing and healing. He loved and cared for people he didn’t even know in an immense way. He could listen - really listen - to others and the effect this had on them and on him was profound. He had a smile that could light up a room. But, he struggled with addiction to alcohol and depression. 

For years, I struggled with the fear that he would drive and get into an accident hurting himself or someone else. So often I found myself, without his asking, driving to get him and making sure he was safe. When I was away for a conference he did get into an accident while drinking. Fortunately no one was hurt. But this led to what really seemed like giving up. I offered over and over to help him, even though I didn’t really know how to do so or what it was that would serve him. I was so saddened to see him this way. In many ways, I felt responsible for him. When this happened I was confused, but I knew that I wanted to live my life in a healthful way that was filled with joy, adventure and love. I tried to convince him to join me on this path and choose it because it was right for me, but it didn’t work. He was defeated. And to me, it felt like staying in the relationship was also defeating me. I didn’t want to continue living like this, I knew there was more for me and more within me. I started spending more time meditating, creating art, and writing. I was getting to know myself all over again. I wanted to move forward into this light together with him, he was my best friend and the love of my life.

But I simply couldn’t convince, drag or throw him into it, no matter what I did.

So I left and my heart was broken. 

I felt the need to reconnect with my higher self, there was a sense of lightness within me as I began to spend time taking care of my fundamental needs. After 8 years of being in this relationship, I realized how much of myself that I had muted in order to exist within the expectations I put upon myself in this relationship. I had allowed his struggle to become mine. I chose to live in this life style that didn’t make sense in my heart and was not in alignment with my energy. I began over time to realize that his self inflicted suffering was no longer something that I had to choose for myself. I began to identify things and experiences that felt good and I wanted to immerse myself deeply in them.

Through the work I did, I felt hope in becoming present in my life once again.

But, tragedy and pain remained. My former husband’s struggle became greater and greater. I remained part of his life and helped him in any way I could, giving him rides, making meals for him, running errands for him, and providing him a place to stay. Unfortunately, he had lost so much of his passion for creation, he lost his job and really his desire to live. His relationship with alcohol became worse. I spent much time talking to him and being with him and trying to remain as a positive light in his life. I offered anything I could to inspire him to live with the passion I saw through his pain. At this time, our marriage was officially over and I was more unattached to his pain and suffering, but everyday I saw this man, who I still cared for deeply as he appeared to be heading deeper and deeper toward rock bottom. Until finally, the suffering stopped and he left his physical form in this life and began his journey to the heavens. 

I was devastated, but I was not surprised as I knew and understood, first hand, how difficult it was for his soul to soar under the physical conditions that he created in this lifetime. I knew he could no longer take the pain and that he made this choice to die. The day he died, he sent messages to me through nature. The first was a hawk flying circles over the pond by our home. As I saw the hawk, a bird that he deeply connected with, I heard the message, “I’m okay, I found peace now.” The second was a circular rainbow around the sun that lasted throughout the entire afternoon. I heard his voice say to me, “I’m creating something beautiful now.” I cried for days. The healer and helper in me struggled for some time, wondering how I could have helped him more, what else I could have done, and why the universe brought him into this world to experience such tragedy. His messages to me on the day he transitioned stayed with me. Eventually, I came to peace, knowing I had offered my best, knowing I had loved and accepted that I was not responsible for him, his life, or his actions. 

I still miss him and love him everyday, but in my choosing to live the life I feel destined to, I have found my home in this world and I have discovered a way to exist that is healthier, happier and much more consciously present.

From this place I can honor the life of my former love, rejoice in the memories, and hold only positive intentions. 

The lessons that manifested in this situation were infinite. The greatest was in sorting through what was authentically mine. I saw where I had not been true to myself or those around me. I found that spending time with my truth and the authentic parts of me, while uncomfortable, was most healing. I knew it was okay to let go of guilt and fault. In fact, it was necessary in order to me to move forward in a healthy way. I learned about the honor that being truthful with oneself holds. I learned how being vulnerable to all parts of ourselves, especially those we turn away from nourishes our growth and development in a remarkable way. 

As I found connection to my authentic self and began to act from a place of greater awareness, things and people that weren’t in alignment with this vibration began to fall away. Initially, I felt disappointed, as people who I’d cared for deeply, much like my former beloved were no longer present in my life and in many ways judged me very negatively. I never held their judgment against them nor did I feel reactionary toward it.

But I felt empty and lonely. 

I turned inward and I spent time getting to know the parts of myself that I didn’t really like. I made valiant efforts to shift them, no longer wanting to be a slave to a feelings that weren’t part of my heart’s song. I listened to my inner truth and did the things I needed to do in order to feel myself wholly. I was thoughtful about what was happening to me and was present in mind and body so that I could note how I was changing and what I really needed in order to be true.

Over time, I opened up to the network of support that had been there for me all along.

I started to pay attention to these positive relations and spent time honoring and nurturing them. I became delighted with their growth. Seeing myself reflected in the relationships led to my own self awareness improving which led to a path that was carved with far fewer obstacles and challenges in my relationships with others and with myself. I realized that the love and acceptance I had for myself was far greater that the loss I felt. The flow of energy became more and more natural. Instead of acting from a place of expectation, resistance or judgement, I was simply being, being authentic. And I felt much greater harmony.

In loving myself, I learned the meaning of unconditional love.

All the contrast that I experienced in this situation, allowed me to really tune into what was mine, what was true and what was in alignment with me. That self awareness, truth seeking and trust in myself was how I measured my intellectual health growth and development.

Intellectual Health Meditation

Brain Waves

Our Brain has a variety of different wavelengths with different purposes. In order to learn more about our Self and deeply improve our Self Awareness, we are going to take an in-depth look at how our brain is functioning.  Below is a list of qualities associated with each wavelength. Take some time to write about what elicits each quality, when you feel the highest of each quality and what it feels like to be in tune with each quality. 

Being aware of your brain waves, allows you to be more in touch with various states of consciousness and how the can help you to increase your satisfaction in life. Each activity provided will produce a balance in your brain waves. Many of them have benefits for all brain wave function. So, take the time to enjoy and experience each fully. And refer back to them as you desire. 

With the exercise below, take time to thoughtfully write your answer these two questions. 

What trends and realizations did I learn about myself in this frequency? 

How can I use this frequency to positively impact my daily existence?

The brain wave stimulation exercises will cause you to expand your writing in thoughts, images, and feelings to form a comprehensive expression. The butterflies represent the qualities associated with optimal brain wave balance in each frequency. 



Frequency: 40-100 Hz

When: Gamma was initially dismissed as “spare brain noise” but has been now accepted to relate to simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas, modulate perception and consciousness

gamma brain wave health consciousness

Gamma (40 Hz) Binaural Beats -

Gamma Journaling Prompts




12-40 Hz

When: consciously alert, the state we are most frequently in during our waking time 

stress/agitation/cycling comes from too much continual high frequency processing

beta brain waves health consciousness


Beta Journaling Prompts




Frequency: 8-12 Hz

When: physical and mental relaxation though we are aware of what is going on around us

just before you fall asleep and right as you wake

alpha brain waves health consciousness krystal couture

Visualization/Closed Eyes

Alpha Journaling Prompts




Frequency: 4-8 Hz

When: somnolence, reduced consciousness, REM sleep, dreaming

theta brain waves health consciousness krystal couture

Mediation/self hypnosis/positive affirmations

Theta Journaling Prompts




Frequency: 0-4Hz

When: deep, unconscious sleep

delta health consciousness brain waves krystal couture

Sleep sounds

Delta Journaling Prompts


Stretches To Open the Intellectual Body


Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini



Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini


Gall bladder

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Meridian Image Credit: Atlas of Acupuncture Points by Dr. Krishna N Sharma

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Sinew Image Credit: Sinews Channels Acupuncture Chart by: Luca Moschini

Journaling Prompts

Take time time this month to spend time evolving the following journaling prompts. Revisit these prompts each week to reassess your progress and create forward momentum toward your goals.

Intellectual Health

This section is dedicated to journal prompts related to your overall intellectual health. DOWNLOAD HERE


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You have now completed the second module of our Health Consciousness Program. You have exposed yourself in a new way. You are developing more and more self awareness. You are devising methods to become healthier in mind and body. You are engaging in new rituals and gaining perspective of your world. You are coming into yourself. You are responsible for your path and your life experience, only you have this honor. You are living your truth. You are getting to really know yourself, how your brain works and how to harness your authentic qualities to improve your life experience. This positively impacts you and those around you. In the next lesson, we are going to explore our emotions, desires, and relationships.




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