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The Five Elements

In traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Theory describes the relationship between energy and substances. The five elements are believed to be the cornerstones of everything in the universe, of which interactions occur. These elements correlate to the five phases of creation: birth, growth, maturation, harvest, and storage.

Harmony among the elements within ourselves is the foundation for optimal health, well-being and consciousness.

wood chinese medicine holistic healing


  • Yin Organ - Liver
  • Yang Organ - Gall Bladder
  • Season - Spring
  • Climate - Wind
  • Sense - Sight
  • Taste - Sour
  • Fluid - Tears
  • Tissue - Tendons / Ligaments
  • Indicator - Nails


  • Kindness
  • Clarity
  • Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Direction
  • Cultivation
  • Insight
  • Confidence

    wood element in balance

    The spirit of the liver is Hun, our ethereal soul. When the wood element is balanced, resistance slips away to make way for growth. We are flexible in thought and body. We are smooth and pain free. We are in control. We are seeking expansion. We easily make decisions and have direction. We have good vision. We are positive. 

    fire chinese medicine holistic healing


    • Yin Organ - Heart & Pericardium
    • Yang Organ - Small Intestine & Triple Heater
    • Season - Summer
    • Climate - Heat
    • Sense - Speech
    • Taste - Bitter
    • Fluid - Sweat
    • Tissue - Blood / Vessels
    • Indicator - Complexion


    • Honor
    • Respect
    • Love
    • Joy
    • Happiness
    • Gratitude
    • Radiance
    • Connection
    • Open Heart

    Fire Element in Balance

    The spirit of the heart is Shen, the light of consciousness. When the fire element is in balance, our heart is healthy and our circulation is strong. We are able to give and receive love, unconditionally. In balance, the energy of fire is warm and inviting. We can connect deeply with others.. 

    earth chinese medicine holistic healing


    • Yin Organ - Spleen / Pancreas
    • Yang Organ - Stomach
    • Season - Late Summer
    • Climate - Moist
    • Sense - Taste
    • Taste - Sweet
    • Fluid - Saliva
    • Tissue - Flesh / Muscles
    • Indicator - Lips


    • Openness
    • Fairness
    • Stability
    • Grounding
    • Thoughtfulness
    • Harmony
    • Supportive
    • Compassion
    • Trustworthy

    earth element in balance

    The spirit of the spleen is Yi, our equilibrium, our center. When earth is in balance, we are at peace and in harmony with our spirit. We are grounded. Our metabolism and weight are optimal. Our muscles are supple and strong. We are light. We are thoughtful. We are intentional. We are satisfied. 

    metal chinese medicine holistic healing


    • Yin Organ - Lungs
    • Yang Organ - Large Intestine
    • Season - Autumn
    • Climate - Dry
    • Sense - Smell
    • Taste - Pungent
    • Fluid - Mucous
    • Tissue - Skin / Hair
    • Indicator - Body Hair


    • Courage
    • Righteousness
    • Inspired
    • Simplicity
    • Letting Go
    • Breath
    • Integrity
    • Refinement
    • Self Esteem

    Metal element in balance

    The spirit of the lungs is Po, the corporeal soul. When our lungs are in balance we are inspired and magnetic. We easily let go of the past and exist within the present. Our colon is healthy. Our respiratory system is healthy. Our skin is strong and protects us from disease. We are energized.

    water chinese medicine holistic healing


    • Yin Organ - Kidneys
    • Yang Organ - Bladder
    • Season - Winter
    • Climate - Cold
    • Sense - Auditory
    • Taste - Salty
    • Fluid - Urine
    • Tissue - Bones
    • Indicator - Head Hair


    • Gentleness
    • Wisdom
    • Flow
    • Changeable
    • Calm
    • Reflective
    • Expansive
    • Vitality
    • Inner Strength

    Water element in balance

    The spirit of the kidneys is Zhi, the pure potential. When the water element is in balance, we flow seamlessly with the waves of life. Our genitourinary system is healthy. We have healthy sexual organs. We adapt easily to change and welcome in transformation. Our bones are strong. We conserve energy and are reflective. We are wise.

    Essential oils aromatherapy chinese medicine holistic healing

    Dr. Krystal has created high vibration essential oil blends that serve to balance the energy of each element. The essential oils used are high quality 100% pure essential oils. The base oils are all pure oils. Dr. Krystal prioritizes providing the highest quality and energy in her services and products. Essential oil blends are available for purchase at our studio locations, and online. Each oil is bottled in a 10ml roller bottle. Single oils are $18. The complete package of 5 oils is $60.

    How to choose

    Choosing an oil blend is a very personal experience. The simplest way to to choose your oil is based upon the physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual attributes that you wish to strengthen. We all experience various levels of balance and harmony at any time. The complete set offers an opportunity to be with each elemental oil and use them as they call. Trusting your intuition is key. 

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    Transform Emotions chinese medicine holistic healing

    Transforming the emotions with sounds is a profound way to balance the energy of elements, and center our energy. Below are the sounds and phrases used to transform the emotions. Dr. Krystal uses these daily in meditation, with clients, and in group healing sessions. An audio track is available for download below. 


    Transform anger and confusion into kindness and clarity.


    Transform hastiness, impatience, cruelty, and broken heartedness into honor, respect and love.


    Transform worry, anxiety, and disappointment into openness, fairness, and compassion.
    Oooooh..(like ooooh la la)


    Transform sadness, grief, and depression into courage and righteousness.
    Sssss… (like a snake).


    Transform fear and awe into gentleness and wisdom.
    Long Ohhhh...

    Triple Warmer

    Balance respiration, digestion, and elimination.


    Balance bones.
    Zzzzzzz… (like a buzzing bee).

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