One Foot in Each World

Greatest Lesson Number 3 from the Abraham Hicks Workshop. If you've read the last few blogs I've written and you still don't know about the Law of Attraction, please please please go to . There is so much to explore and learn about yourself in this process. 

About 2 months ago, I made one of the most challenging and trying decisions of my life, taking my little pinky toe out of the other world, so to speak. Over the past 10 years, owning a healthcare practice, I've found myself resisting both conformity to western standards and alternative healing. 

I deducted rather quickly that western standards and healthcare processes made less and less sense to me and that I found myself adapting to an alternative world. The reality of course, was that the Alternative World was where I felt at home, where I belonged and where I could facilitate the absolute best healing processes for clients and myself. 

There were SHOULDS that kept getting in my way, and often I struggled to navigate through them rather than cutting them loose. I held on to things because it seemed like that was what was supposed to happen. It turns out, there was a lot of unnecessary struggle. 

I started to listen to my Inner Wisdom with greater intent and trust the messages I was receiving. I had weaned off all but 20% of the things in my life that didn't make me happy and didn't make sense to me. I was happy 80% of the time, but I kept receiving messages that there was more for me. 

That last 20% was the most challenging to even consider letting go of, because it wasn't only my life that was impacted but that of children I spent 8 years assisting. Assisting them had become a battle of politics, finances and ego and I felt no longer able to freely serve and I wasn't receiving my worth energetically. 

About 10 days prior to being at the workshop, I made the final decision to take back the 20%. I never had a moment of regret, but when I heard Abraham through Ester say "You cannot have one foot in each world!" I knew that my decision was more than just a shift for me, it meant a shift for everyone around me, my family, my colleagues, my clients, and all of their circles. I realized how much this 20% really meant and how it absolutely didn't make sense to keep that pinky toe in the other world any longer because it was not inline with my soul purpose or where the divine guidance was leading me. 

The Abraham Experience

Today something splendid happened. I attended my first Abraham Hicks workshop. I have been using the Law of Attraction for many years to create my desires and I have been amazed and fascinated by my experience as well as the teachings of Abraham through Ester. Today, in the presence of such high vibrational energy, I could feel Source energy radiating through each of us and out into the magnificent world we live in.

Attending this workshop was one of the most magnificent demonstrations of my increased alignment with my own self. About a month ago, I decided it was time to "just have a look" on the Abraham Hicks website and see if maybe there was a workshop close  by. It turns out there was one that I discovered in October of this year.

Eagerly I scampered off to my dear partner, Piotrek and asked if he'd be interested in attending the workshop together. As expected, he replied, "Of course, but why are we talking about it now, its months away." 

Let the manifestation begin, while I was proud of my pre-commitment to attending the workshop in October, I really wanted to experience Abraham on a deeper level sooner. So I began to refer back to my books and videos. 

A week before today, I opened my daily email from Abraham and there it was. Ester will be in Boston this weekend channeling the wisdom of Abraham! I joyously skipped around the house beckoning Piotrek and told him the news. The manifestation came from a place of pure desire at exactly the right time in my life. 

Here's the "ah ha" moment. At the workshop I realized this is one of the first times in my life that I have said yes to something I really wanted to experience for my personal development via someone I find truly inspirational and life changing. I said yes to experience something profoundly spiritual, something that was all about me and it felt new and great. 

In the past, I've manifested scenarios just as I had with this Abraham workshop but there's always been a reason I've found to say NO. The resistance was so great that I pushed away exactly what I manifested, exactly the situation I wanted to be in and exactly the humans I wanted to be present with. The opportunities to experience these beings in the forms I sought disappeared as the humans I was (and still am) so inspired with have left their physical form. 

I have found that as I have spent more and more time manifesting and creating thoughtfully and intentionally that I am experiencing the results I seek on a deeper level and the opportunity to savor them more wholly is delightful. 

The magnitude of saying YES to what I attracted via my desires was one of the most empowering experiences I have ever known.