3 Jiao

The three Jiao are the three divisions of the torso. The Jiao are also known as the three burning spaces. The three burning spaces are governed by the Triple Heater. The transformation that occurs in all organs does so within one of the Jiao. The Upper Jiao is the diaphragm to the sternum. The Heart, Heart Protector and Lungs are part of the Upper Jiao. The Middle Jiao is the umbilicus to the diaphragm and it includes the Gallbladder, Liver, Spleen and Stomach. The Lower Jiao is the pubis to the umbilicus and holds the Kidneys, Bladder, Large Intestine and Small Intestine.

The Triple Heater can be considered the heating engineer. Its’ job is to balance heat in all three burning spaces to make it safe and comfortable for all of the Officials to thrive in their roles. Imbalances among the Jiao are problematic. If the triple heater cannot maintain temperature among the three burning spaces, he will become ill and thus, so will the other Officials. When the Triple Heater's role is not being fulfilled, transformation cannot occur within the other Officials because they are trying to overcompensate and fulfill the role of the Triple Heater. The triple heater not only balances our physical temperature but rather the temperature of the body mind spirit. The three Jiao and the three levels of being, body mind spirit are correlated with each other.

We assess the three burning spaces for temperature imbalances. We consider the temperature of each of the burning spaces as well as the temperature in relation to the other burning spaces. In order to assess the three burning spaces, the clients must remove clothing from the abdomen. We like to allow the burning spaces to air out for 2 to 3 minutes before assessing their temperature. The assessment requires us to place I hand over each Jiao to determine its temperature. During this time, we can also get a sense of the client’s odor as well as the client’s level of comfort with touch. We will make notes with check, plus or minus for each of the burning spaces to note the temperature. We may also note any skin changes as well as moisture or dryness.  In classical fire elements acupuncture, there is no specific treatment done for him balances in the three burning spaces. However, we may recheck the temperature after several sessions to look for change based upon the treatment we implement. Imbalances can be stemming from the Three Heater or from one or more organs within the particular Jiao that presents off, based of course on the CF. Three Jiao can give us information overtime about how our treatments are working for the client. Treating the CF should over time create balance within the 3 Jiao as balancing the CF will cause the whole of the system to become more harmonious. 

To record our 3 Jiao Assessment:

3 Jiao


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