The Ripple Effect

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to attract abundance into all aspects of my life. I wanted to work less hard to achieve the life I desired. I didn't know how I was going to accomplish this, but it felt vital to me evolving into the best version of myself. As the year went on, the vision became clearer and clearer. I made the choice to change the structure of my business, which was all I'd really known for the past 8 years. I stopped taking health insurance for payment.

I was scared and questioned my decision repeatedly, but with each moment of doubt, I felt the presence of the universe and angels guiding me along this path. I knew that I had everything I needed to succeed in this transition and to evolve the business the way I always dreamed. 

I immediately felt the impact of my decision. There were less battles with the insurance companies to provide care to clients and to receive compensation. I had more time and energy to dedicate to my own healing rituals, spiritually developing the energy of the business, and growing into my life's work. I found myself with the space and time to evolve organically. I realized I'd made the right choice for me.

A  ripple effect  is a situation in which ripples expand across the water when an object is dropped into it, an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally.

The effect on my life was extraordinary. I've become fascinated with the impact my choice has made on others. The ripple I created in restructuring reached so many people in such a positive way. In my personal relationships I began to connect more and feel the vibrational energy at a higher intensity and frequency. My home began to feel more comfortable, more like the home I always sought. 

The healing practitioners that work for me were immediately impacted as well, their focus shifted toward roles they are more passionate about. The space began to shift at the studio becoming more whole, nurturing and open. Our clients were immediately impacted as we were more energetically available to their treatments and their care. They became more invested in their healthcare. They prioritized their health and manifested the sessions they needed in order to evolve. Our clients physical bodies became freer of restriction, they experienced a wider range of healthy emotions, they developed awareness and insight into their own health, and they saw life with greater perspective. The changes happened rapidly and the clients easily welcomed their more authentic selves. Clients are now sharing that their work and personal relationships are shifting. They note that their partners are more open, communicative, and present. 

The ripple I created has touched the souls of so many people. And now, they are creating their own ripples of positive change. The ripples interact, bounce off each other and create something beautiful together. We are now seeing the results of this effect in great magnitude. It is an honor to work with clients everyday and bear witness to such divine healing. I can only look toward the universe with great wonder and gratitude in anticipation of the gifts we will experience in the future. 

-Dr. Krystal