Lovely Babies, Lovely Workshop

In July, we had our first session of Infant Massage Training.  Dr. Couture has recently been certified as an Infant Massage Instructor with the Loving Touch Foundation! Several lovely babies came to our four-session workshop with their moms; our moms learned a lot about how to massage their babies!   

Infant massage is practiced in many cultures!  It has a lot of benefits, too.  Infant Massage creates improved bonding, improved digestion/reduced reflux, maintaining weight, decreased cortisol, increased serotonin, improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, increased immune function, and increased cognitive development.  It's truly a unique opportunity for parents and their children to connect physically and emotionally while sharing a joyful and beneficial experience together. 

The babies who came to the workshop seemed to enjoy their time!  Many moms reported that the babies seemed to enjoy the massage practice at home.  In class, the babies were involved and engaged, and even seemed to have a fun time interacting with each-other!