Distance Healing


Distance Healing


Dr. Krystal is now pleased to offer Distance Healing and Self Healing Techniques for clients that are located at a distance. Distance sessions combine Self Healing Techniques and Energy Healings offered by Dr. Krystal. In Distance Healing Sessions, you will speak to Dr. Krystal via phone or video chat to discuss Self Healing Techniques and any concerns you may have. Following that, Dr. Krystal will provide Energy Healings based on your specific needs. Sessions are flexible and you may choose to focus upon the Self Healing Techniques establishing a coaching relationship, focus upon Energy Healings or a combination of both.  Dr. Krystal maintains energy for the highest and best healing to occur for the past, present and eternity. 

Components of Self Healing Techniques Include:

  • Full assessment of your medical history and present conditions, including physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health
  • Essential Oil Treatments
  • Crystal Healing Techniques
  • Homeopathic Remedy Recommendations
  • Meridian Stretching & Yoga Techniques to reduce fascial restriction and tension
  • Meridian Psychotherapy Techniques (Tapping)
  • Self Acupressure

Energy Healings Include (based on your needs):

  • Meridian Balancing and Unwinding
  • Chakra Opening and Balancing 
  • Endocrine System Attunement
  • Specific Organ/Organ System Healing
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Forgiveness Prayers
  • Emotional Release
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