Consultations are available with Sarah Hart, Clinical Herbalist, by appointment.  Sarah has apprenticed with Maine's well-known Debbie Mercier at Greenwood Herbals, who specializes in offering assistance to those with Lyme Disease.

Are you seeking a more natural approach to your health and wellness? Sarah will be your partner in creating herbal methods to balance your body, mind, and spirit. Learn more about using herbal preparations to replace or enhance your current self-care strategies. Sarah is prepared to collaborate with your current health and wellness providers to develop a unique protocol specifically for you.  

Sessions are $100 cash/check/credit.  Sarah does not accept insurance.  Herbal preparations/remedies are not included in the price of the session. 

Please email or call 603-953-4368 to schedule an appointment for a session. 

Waiver of Liability
Only a physician (MD) can diagnose, treat and prescribe medicines for illness. The role of the herbalist in any healing process is not to consider a client's individual systems but to consider a client as a whole person and to consult the client concerning lifestyle, diet, and herbal recommendations.

Clients are reminded that it is their personal right and responsibility to make educated choices in their own and their family's health care. Sarah Hart of Spirit Bear Services empowers individuals to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness.  Services are voluntary and may be cancelled or withdrawn at any time. Educational resources will be provided as a way to explore the historic and traditional uses of herbs.