Internship Opportunities

Internships and clinical placements are based on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at least three months in advance. Doctorate of Physical Therapy students in their final year of schooling are given first priority. A phone or personal interview is require for acceptance into this practice as an intern. Dr. Couture and Dr. West are APTA Clinical Instructors. 

Physical Therapy Students

Students of physical therapy will have the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Couture or Dr. West where they will engage in school-based pediatrics (Pre-k through high school), as well as a variety of orthopedics in the Rollinsford office. This clinical placement is held during the last year of each physical therapy student's professional phase. In the clinic, the majority of clients require manual therapy in addition to their exercise regimens. 

Students will be required to use their previous academic knowledge, while expanding this through interactions with a large variety of pediatric conditions. Physical therapy students will be required to conduct thorough evaluations, develop and progress purposeful plans of care, work with a variety of assistive devices and carryout treatments. Providing support, knowledge and advocacy to each individual family will also be a strong component of the internship. Physical therapy students who are considering this clinical placement should be energetic, good with children and have a strong desire to experience pediatric physical therapy. In addition, students should have interest in manual therapy as a primary mode of treatment for orthopedic clients.

Exercise Physiology and Applied Exercise Science Students

Students of exercise physiology and applied exercise science will have the opportunity to observe Dr. Couture or Dr. West in pediatric physical therapy or in a private practice orthopedic setting based on their schedule. Students will learn, through observation, the skills required to work with a variety of different pediatric diagnoses and assistive devices in school-based settings or will observe high level orthopedic diagnoses. This internship is available to students who are in an undergraduate program, with the intention of applying to a graduate program for the Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Feedback from our Interns:

  • Kristian Perkins, Student Physical Therapist from Husson University, Class of 2011

    I had the privilege of completing my fourth and final clinical placement at Pure Balance Holistic Healing. Working with Dr. Krystal Couture for eight weeks, I was exposed to numerous pediatric diagnoses and various treatment protocols, allowing me to gain confidence in my pediatric knowledge. Krystal is a wonderful clinical instructor, who is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She is active in continuing education and keeps up with the latest protocols. 

    Krystal encouraged me to expand my academic knowledge during this clinical site and also opened my eyes to continuing education that I may be interested in once I am a licensed practitioner. I would recommend this clinical placement to any physical therapy student who is interested in working with the pediatric population! 

    I would like to thank Krystal for all her time and effort in enhancing my academic knowledge and helping me develop hands-on skills with the pediatric population.  

  • Jessica Woodworth, Applied Exercise Science Student from University of New England

    As an Applied Exercise Science student the opportunity to get an internship within the pediatric physical therapy field is amazing. Although most of my schooling to date did not directly prepare me for this internship Krystal was more than accommodating. She was a resource to which I could ask many questions and helped me make connections with my previous coursework. I learned a great deal about the field from working with her. My favorite part of the day was when we were treating patients. Her kiddos, as she calls them, are all amazing. While I could only mostly observe during treatment sessions it did not limit me from engaging with the kiddos. Krystal has an amazing ability to interact with her patients. I am grateful for the time and opportunity that Krystal provided to me and know that I will draw on this experience as I continue my journey to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

  • Ryan S. Hubbard, Exercise Science Student from University of New Hampshire

    I approached Krystal because I wanted to learn what it’s like to be a physical therapist. After my first day it was evident to me that she wanted our experience to be educational, professional and fun. She encouraged my questions as well as asked me questions to put me in relevant physical therapy scenarios. Krystal taught me the nature of being a physical therapist and how it can be an emotional, yet rewarding profession. I feel now I am much more prepared to continue my journey to become a PT. Krystal is passionate about her work and dedicated to improving the quality of life of her clients. Not many pre-professional students to learn what I did and for that I am grateful. Any client or PT student who chooses Pure Balance Holistic Healing, LLC will not regret it. 

  • Shannon Pietras, Student Physical Therapist from Husson University, Class of 2012

    I was fortunate enough to have completed my fourth and final clinical placement at Pure Balance Holistic Healing with Dr. Krystal Couture. Having not had much, if any, experience with pediatrics I had no idea what to expect and was basically starting from scratch. Krystal was patient, persistent, and supportive of me. All the qualities a great clinical instructor needs in order to help students learn. I was astounded by how much knowledge she possessed not only in the area of pediatrics but also craniosacral therapy, somato emotional release, and trigger point dry needling, all of which I had never seen in the clinic before. I feel I gained invaluable skills and experience that I never could have from my schooling alone. This clinical was also very rewarding. In the short amount of time I was there, I was able to make some real connections with the patients. Making a positive difference in their lives was priceless. I only wish all my fellow students could have the chance to complete this clinical. Thank you Krystal for allowing me this opportunity, I am a better therapist because of it.

  • Mitchell Douglas, Medical Biology Student from University of New England

    My experience with Krystal was absolutely invaluable. The time we spent together went by incredibly fast, and the knowledge gained came at the same pace. Not only did i learn many lessons about being a physical therapist, but my eyes were opened to possibilities that i had never even considered. Growing up my dream had always been to be a physical therapist for athletes, and that is still a major focus for me. However, that is no longer my only focus. Krystal's work in pediatrics broadened my view of physical therapy to children, and i realized how much my heart felt for those kids. Some, I made connections with instantly, and others took some time, but all of them stole my heart.

    Working with Krystal not only exposed me to the world of pediatrics, but also to life in a privately owned practice, recreational therapy, and even to some eastern medicine. The spectrum in which this woman works is vast, and in turn she has an immense amount of knowledge to pass on. This was definitely an experience that I am going to look back on, and draw from for a very long time.

    Thank You Krystal!