Notes of Gratitude

It is an honor and pleasure to work with each client. Every session is an experience for us to enhance our self development and presence. We are pleased to share with you the words, experiences, and gratitude our clients have shared with us. 

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As my 4 year old daughter says, “Krystal has magic hands!” I am so incredibly grateful for Krystal’s amazing, skillful, kind and intuitive approach to healing. Yes, she has transformed my health but this post is all about how she helped my daughters! When my 4 year old woke up not wanting to walk due to leg pain that would have to just be waited out in the western medical model, Krystal was able to provide complete relief and literally sent her home dancing!!! When my 16 month old was showing signs of continued muscular and fascial imbalance and disharmony following a deep infection, Krystal corrected the issue, and was able to heal a developing mouth infection before it became a larger issue! She approaches kiddos with a kind a light heart, both of my children immediately loved her, and my 4 year old considers her a friend.
— Christine Lattuada

Words cannot express how incredible Dr. Couture is. If you are need of a healer, contact her. She is the epitome of what a healer is. I was recommended to her by Sarah Hart when I worked at The Herbal Path in Dover, NH. I was suffering from plantar fasciitis so bad I could barely walk. I had been seeing a pediatrist for months with no improvement. I met Dr. Couture in her office and instantly knew I was in the right place. Her office was devoted to healing on almost every level, but most of all it contained a healer. A healer who listens to you, remembers you and even though she had many clients, Dr. Couture made you feel like you were her only client. I had my first visit coming in on a bright cold day in December barely able to walk. Dr. Couture introduced me to “Dry Needling”. I’m not going to say it was the most pleasant of experiences, but what I learned from Krystal Couture was that healing is not always easy, but the path to healing is completely worth it. After my first treatment I was a little sore (almost as if I was recovering from a weight training session) but I was able to walk! I was out for a run THAT NIGHT. I continued to see Dr. Couture for physical therapy, and I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me, healing me on physical, spiritual and emotional levels. Dr. Couture is a true healer. Krystal Lynn Couture, thank you, you are one of the greatest people I know and you are one of the biggest things I miss by not being in New Hampshire anymore.
— Timothy Thayer

If it wasn’t for Krystal I would had never completed another marathon.
I just completed my tenth marathon at 3 hours 2 minutes and 35 seconds on Oct. 9, 2016 the Chicago Marathon. On Oct. 5 2016 at the end of my work day preparing for my last run before the marathon my right knee began to hurt. With stretching, massage and pain killers the ache just kept persisting. CALL Krystal she went out of her way to see me did her magic and I completed the marathon with a smile on my face and no knee pain.
Four years ago I thought I would never run again, never mind another marathon. With Krystal’s persistence, expertise and loving being I healed and have now run five marathons and plan on running for as long as I can. I’m already registered for Boston of ‘17 and London ‘17 and looking for next falls marathon.
All this to say Thank you to Krystal and her staff for everything.
— Jeff Hatch

I have been seeing Dr. Krystal since 2014. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and I check in with her whenever I visit my daughter in New Hampshire. She is an excellent physical therapist and healer. I carry my emotions in my body, which results in physical pain and stress. Dr. Krystal is highly intuitive and can address my pain more effectively than any ordinary PT. I especially benefit from needling. I wish I could see her more often, but even at once or twice a year, I benefit from her expertise.
— Jeanine Greenlee

Just had to write, with a heart full of gratitude, for the care I have recently received from Dr. Krystal. With a 6 week old very localized headache, I came strolling thru the door of Pure Balance after already having had a brain MRI, lab work, Prednisone and a 2 week course of antibiotics.......with nothing proven to be the cause, but no relief. I am a healthy woman who takes care of myself, but have never been plagued with a headache. I am remiss that my first natural reaction was to seek out routine medical treatment, when alternative treatment was so available to me. I panicked that something was terribly wrong with me. Yet after all my testing with nothing abnormal, I was not feeling better. Cranial sacral therapy was suggested to me and I knew that Krystal was my girl! I can honestly say that after my first session, I was 85% improved! I continued for 3 more sessions and added some requests of old injuries that previous physical therapies did not help. It has all been amazing! The needling that was done each time was very precise and targeted. My headache has been gone since the second visit and an ankle injury from last winter has been healed in just these last two visits! So after 4 visits I am pretty much pain free and happy! What I have appreciated the most thru it all is the low key, humble approach that Krystal has taken with me to allow me the opportunity to help heal myself. I know I will likely be making monthly follow up visits to keep all this good energy flowing and maintain my health. This is not magic........but it is knowledge and experience and belief. May we all find our gifts within ourselves and share them with the world as Krystal has shared her gift of healing with me.
— Dee McEneaney

My son Tyler has cerebral palsy. Most therapists and educators were OK with where he was at, and never pushed him. Krystal has a great combination of motivation and compassion that drove Tyler to do for her what he would not do otherwise. Through the cranial sacral therapy, Krystal was able to “free” or “unlock” Tyler’s movements in so many ways. He would tell her that “brain hurt” and after a session with her, his movements were more fluid, his speech became better and he became more outgoing. She connects with him on a level that no-one else has been able to. He guides her to help him “get better” where his body needs it. We are very lucky that we found Krystal.
— Kristen Cote

I have been going to Krystal for about two years for my back pain resulting from a scoliosis curve in my upper back. My condition combined with the fact that I am a tennis player leaves me with constant discomfort in my shoulders and neck. After trying different therapist and types of treatment for the past 10 years, I can honestly say that I have had the most improvement and relief since utilizing Krystal’s experience and her techniques. One of the most important reasons I would recommend Pure Balance Holistic Healing to others is that Krystal is knowledgeable about multiple different techniques and is able to cater my treatment to my specific problems and what works for me. For me the massage therapy and deep tissue dry needling has made the biggest impact and has allowed me to go about my day a lot more comfortably. I would definitely encourage anyone in need of physical therapy to try Pure Balance Holistic Healing.
— Anna Lyke

The Girl who Swims with Dolphins

She moves in the water off Tortola
with little effort, breaking through each ripple,
creating more ripples, more connections, more

She reaches the animal and touches his fin,
a pure fin, feeling his heartbeat, the beat
of pure balance, the rational energy of Earth, space
and all it entails. She is living in the moment.

She is a doctor, a healer of heart and head.
I now talk to the sky, the trees, the animals,
I feel the Sun and am energized in the present.
She is authentic.
— Paul Sprague

We finally got to leave a doctors appointment with GOOD news for the first time today since Brody was born! The prosthetic company we were working with felt that Brody had made enough gains so that he does not need a cranial reshaping helmet and after four months of physical therapy, things are still looking up! It is now safe to say that our tough little guy is almost fully recovered from our crazy birth! Go Brody Mitchell! 💙 A big thanks to his physical therapist Krystal Lynn Couture, Lilac City Pediatrics and Nopco Prosthetics for all the support!
— Ashley Park Davis

If I had to describe my experience with Krystal Couture it would be that she is a “miracle worker”. I had nagging pain in my lower back and also in my shoulder blade during the busiest season of my year. I was faced with driving 3 hours in a car and then standing for 6 hours when in a lot of pain. I called her and she put her magic hands on me, gave me some coping strategies for the ride and stretching exercises to do during the photo shoot. I was not only relieved of my pain but I have not had it again since. She is passionate about healing and you can feel that in her touch. Her energy is positive and uplifting. She has become my most trusted health care provider and friend.
— Joanne McDonough

Dear Krystal,
Thank you for the gifts of healing, awareness, calmness, insights.

Each of our three sessions was unique. Although I have been treated with massage, sacro-cranial, myotherapy, chiropractic, and energy-based methods, our sessions were far different than those. Starting with your energy, which feels like love and discernment fused, I instinctively knew I was in the hands of a competent and focused professional. I was relaxed and open to the new experience. Our brief chats prior to treatment gave me a voice, which you listened to keenly. Your respectful, calm bedside manner is uplifting and calming.

My first session was related to some mild body trauma and injuries due to a hard fall off my horse. The muscles responded then relaxed. About 10 minutes prior to the end of the session, I felt a strong flow of “happy” energy from my feet through my brain. My day following this session was very light and easy.

Our second session was focused on quelling some anxiety, something I struggle with often (possibly as a result of neurological damage from years past.) This was per my request; you addressed it physically with the dry needling and you also spoke with me during treatment for much of our session. You taught me about my “stomach” connection- the physiological and emotional aspects of it, and you fielded a good many questions as well.You talked about many ways to understand my holistic “self”, and to be aware of my “self” . This was very enlightening and brought a sense of calm.

Our final and third session addressed the “violinist shoulder”, which you made great progress on. The remedy was long-lasting. Not surprisingly, I was un-aware of the tension in my shoulders that day. When you found it and treated it, I realized that it is a “blind spot” I have because I live with this every day and just don’t notice. Now I am aware and am managing the shoulder tension better. This is an invaluable lesson in that my profession is playing the violin and I need to keep my body harmonious in all ways in order to stay viable and strong.

Thank you Krystal. I have grown and learned so much in these sessions. Also to note: my mind and heart have been led to several affirming and educational experiences as a direct result of your treatments. I have had a sense of openness which then allowed me to see and hear opportunities for furthering the path of progress which you started.

You are stellar.
Namaste & God Bless,
— Cathryn Norris

I want to thank [Krystal] for [her] time, expertise, intuition, and clear talk. I sincerely treasure [her] presence in my life—in all dimensions—particularly today in helping unravel my body and linking my crinkles today with personal relationship. I know in my head that our bodies speak truth to us and I want to listen to mine with sensitivity and appreciation—and then move forward in faith.
— Peter Thomas

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