Free Health Services

Take advantage of these free services, and add a touch of better health and healing to your day.

Facebook community

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Our free, online community, Be Purely Balanced, is a sacred space for us to share together in the evolution of health and balance. Here, you will discover, learn, and find the support you need along your journey to better health and wellness. 

Participation and sharing is encouraged!

chakra Healing course

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Join us in this self paced 8 module course that will take us on a journey of getting to know our chakras, their energy and how to translate this information into everyday life. 

Open enrollment allows you to join and participate at times that are most convenient for you. 

Each module includes a video lesson with reflection time and a link to our Facebook conversation about this topic. Here you can share, connect and express your vulnerability comfortably. Our final module includes a 20 minute chakra meditation that you can use any time to achieve chakra balance and harmony. 

30-Day Blissed for Life Emails

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We all need a little bliss in our lives. Experience this free, 30-day journey to blissfulness, which will conveniently arrive in your inbox, daily. 

Enroll at any time, and receive a Blissed for Life theme video evoking positive vibes and inner-reflection by Dr. Krystal. 

You'll also benefit from intention motivation, as well as an activity you can journal about, and share, through our free Facebook community. Themes will include You are in Alignment, You are Blessed, You are Vibrational, You are Radiant, and more. 

Sign up and begin your journey to blissfulness, today!

Everyday Aromatherapy Mini-Course

aromatherapy free course healing holistic essential oil

Receive an amazing, and free, aromatherapy course by Dr. Krystal. This class is designed to educate you on the properties of common essential oils for use of improving your physical and emotional health. Learn about seven common essential oils and how you will integrate these oils into your own healing for common ailments, pathologies, and conditions. 

Sign up, and get started today!

Five Elements Mini Course


Wood. Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. The Five Elements. Curious about the what the elements are and what they mean to our everyday life? This class breaks down each of the Five Elements and helps you to discover the traits, characteristics, and symptoms associated with the balance of each element. We discuss how to utilize this knowledge for day to day life, as well as share practices, crystals, oils and other activities to support the uniqueness of each element.