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Love For Your Feet

We Love YogaBody Toe Spreaders! For yogis, dancers, athletes and anyone with sore feet.

20 minutes a day with these makes a big impact! It’s easy to wear them while you’re reading a book, meditating, or even watching a TV program.

As a former ballerina and current salsa dancer, I wear my YogaBody Toe Spreaders every night. I have noticed significant differences in the position of my toes on the floor and also my ability to isolate muscle control in my feet!

Taking care of our feet is taking care of our body from the root up and serves our connect to the Earth.


Freely Moving Fascia

Lure Silicone Cups are a modern innovation of ancient Chinese Techniques. Lure Silicone Cups are a wonderful self treatment tool to use between sessions with a practitioner. They are excellent at moving blood and lymph through the tissues.

Use by suctioning stationary and leaving in place for 10-15 minutes or by applying oil, suctioning and gliding over the surface.

I use cups regularly in practice and in my own self treatment. The ease of use with these cups is a huge benefit. Most commonly, I cup my legs (especially quads, ITBand, and Hamstrings) after dancing or exercising for long hours. Cupping provides excellent preventative care and is great for recovery.

*Lure Cups are made with FDA registered silicon – no fillers, PVC, plastic, BPA or phthalates.