Concierge Healing

For those of you looking for supportive healing services, we are please to announce our newest service: Concierge Healing. Concierge healing has been designed to put you in direct contact with Dr. Krystal through weekly email consultations and a live monthly group call to provide you with the healing insight you are seeking. Our concierge healing subscription also includes a monthly healing gift.

Concierge Healing is for you:

  • You are or have been a client of Pure Balance through Healing Sessions, Distance Healing, or have taken one of Dr. Krystal's courses. (If you haven't, yet, no problem. We just ask that you complete at least one Healing or Distance Healing session prior to joining.)
  • You are seeking to connect deeper to the healing potential within you.
  • You want someone who you trust to be a facilitator for the healing within.
  • You want to feel supported as you express and release your vulnerabilities.

My Promise:

  • I vow to set intentions for the highest and best.
  • I vow to be supportive, nonjudgmental, authentic and unconditional.
  • I vow to be in alignment with Universal energy.
  • I vow to be a channel for the highest vibrational energy.

Love from Current Members:

holistic healing concierge health
Krystal’s concierge services are truly transformational. There have been times in my life when I have been afraid or reluctant to really delve into the deeper, more fulfilling stuff in health, life and existence, mostly because I wasn’t sure what I would do when I hit that “I don’t know anymore!” moment. I’m so glad I left that fear behind when I started working with Krystal. Krystal’s understanding of inclusive whole health has brought me to a whole new physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual space. The spiritual grounding, knowledge and understanding that Krystal brings to the table are just divine, and honestly her presence feels like a great big soul hug! With Krystal at my side I truly feel like I can look deep, ask the big questions, discover, become and BE!
— Christine Lattuada, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
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healing babies families
Working with Dr. Krystal has been life-changing. I prayed for someone like her to come into my life and am forever grateful to my friend for connecting the two of us.

Working with Dr. Krystal has allowed me to heal my physical body, as well as my heart and soul. I am calm, connected, grounded, spiritually aware, and see all things thru a different lens. A lens of love.

Dr Krystal has allowed me to connect with who I am at the core, to heal past wounds, let go of what no longer serves me, to gain a wisdom of how to care for myself as a woman, mother, friend + as source energy.

Not only do you leave your appointment feeling refreshed, renewed, connected, grounded + soothed (on the physical + soul level), but she provides guidance + support when you are apart from her. I am soothed knowing that she is always there for me, guiding me, loving me, laughing with me, supporting me, being there thru life with me.

Dr. Krystal provided invaluable support to me during my 2nd pregnancy. Whether it be tuning into my angels for guidance, mini energy tweaks, clearing my chakras, a nugget of wisdom or clearing my emotions with a home practice, she was everything a woman would desire during a time of intense love + vulnerability in a mother’s life.

She is an angel on earth, and I am forever grateful to be in her presence + heart.
— Bri McCorkell, Success & Empowerment Coach

What you ReceIve:

  • Access to an exclusive live monthly stream. If you can't make it to the stream, you can submit questions ahead of time which will be addressed. You will have full access to the stream recordings, so if you miss a stream or want to have another listen, you have the opportunity to do so.
  • A weekly personal check in via email. Your check in will be your opportunity to email a message with your thoughts, questions, successes and anything else that might come up that you would like to address. You will receive a response directly from Dr. Krystal. The response may involve an energy healing prescription, a mini energy healing session, a check in with you guides, conscious perspective expansion, emotional release techniques or specific consultative offerings.
  • A monthly media gift which could include a guided or instrumental meditation, a mini-course, a group healing, a recorded presentation, or a self healing guided energy experience. 
Payment Options
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As result of Krystal’s transformational coaching service, I am getting to know me and learning to see myself through a more forgiving lens. With her direction, I am learning to take the time to notice how I feel, to be curious and to listen to and trust my own inner guidance system. I have also set some achievable goals that will help me to enjoy every moment of the rest of my life. Most importantly, it is great to have a trusted coach that you can bounce ideas off of as you go down life’s path.
— — Gail Milton - Sales Consultant Extraordinaire
holistic healing concierge health
I thought Krystal was going to give me nutritional advice on how I can have more energy and decrease chronic pain. What I got was a whole-health mind-body assessment that made me feel safe, seen and validated. I have many years of personal experience in the healing field so I was really impressed that Krystal went straight to the heart of the matter rather than giving me surface-level solutions. Her gentle and reassuring presence allowed me to open up quickly and I immediately felt safe in her hands. Her intuition is spot on. I’ve already started implementing some of her suggestions and can’t wait to dive deeper with her recommendations! She even took the time to write me a thoughtful follow-up email with all of her additional suggestions. After just one session, I would recommend Krystal hands-down to anyone I know. Thank you, Krystal!
— — Karen Berzanski - Belief Busting Badass, Pro EFT Practitioner, & Creative Soul